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Case 14-1

No description

Chang Chiamao

on 30 December 2014

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Transcript of Case 14-1

Case 14-1
Group 5

張佳茂 許祐嘉 張又升

陳佩琪 林于程 陳炯旭

*How it all began


what is the critical thinking issue raised by the case?

*The brand is too loud in the music academy.

*The intention of marketing the drinks in the music academy may be too obivious.

Q: 14-11 Summarize the different types of marketing communications that Red Bull uses. Are these “traditional” or “nontraditional”?
event marketing/sponsorship
*Red Bull does not use traditional sponsorship as a method of below-the-line promotion.

*Red Bull takes a different approach.

*The company sponsors a number of athletes.

Maketing Strategy

Product is Hero Content is King

Red Bull TV

Red Bull's uses

*advertising (large outdoor ads, magazines, TV)

*event marketing/sponsorship

*sales promotion

*social media


*no Red bull, no wings

*Red Bull gives you wiiings

*Red Bull TV

Interesting content
Red Bull girl
sales promotion
Red Bull uses a premium pricing strategy.

This is reflected in the fact that it is the world’s best-selling energy drink.

social media
Red Bull Media House fully integrates social
media marketing into every project.

Such as:
*TV programs
*and print media
*drives physical and digital


strategy is not about doing things better,
it is about doing things differently.

Q14-12 What communication goal does each of Red Bull’s
marketing communication tools accomplish?

*The campaign

*Full of energy

Are you familiar with any additional brand touch points that aren’t mentioned in the case?
Red Bull mobile

Q14-13 what is the risk of sponsoring a special event such as Felix Baumgartner's historic skydive?
the failure of the extreme game

Life-threatening of athlete

For example on May 1st 2013 a German gliding athlete died of accident when performing
Q14-14 Red bull and other energy drinks have generated negative publicity regarding possible health hazards.

*Health effects

Cardiovascular effects

*Market approval and legal status


Q14-15 What makes Red Bull, in Professor Kumar’s words an “anti-brand brand”
*In the music academy, Red Bull plays down its participation.

*Red Bull makes no ownership claims on any music that is produced at the academy.

*Red Bull conveys what he stands for in an authentic manner so consumers find it believable.

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