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Catch-22 Presentation

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Hannah Anderson

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Catch-22 Presentation

What is...? Literary Techniques Present in the Novel Paradox
Allusion Influences Heller's personal experience as a bombardier in WWII
The social atmosphere of the 1950s Defining Characteristics Third-person omniscient narration
Non-chronological order
Free association plot structure Catch-22: a military rule used in the novel.
Bureaucracy: a group of non-elected officials who make the laws and rules for a certain group or organization.
C.I.D.: abbreviation for Criminal Investigative Department, the division of the military that investigates crimes commited by servicemen. Example of a bomber used in WWII C.I.D. Man Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alan Arkin, who plays John Yossarrian in the movie adaptation of Catch-22 What to Mention if You Write About this Book Irony
Bureaucracy and the government
How Heller uses paradox Symbolism in Catch-22 Snowden's death
Micheala's rape and death
Milo's blackmarket syndicate
the number of missions Joseph Heller enlisted in the Air Force at age 19 and served as a bombadier; he flew 60 combat missions modern American satirist Catch-22 was his first and most successful novel born May 1, 1923 in Brooklyn, NY died December 12, 1999 Captain John Yossarian The central character of Catch-22 is Captain John Yossarian, a bombardier in the 256th squadron. Though the novel is told in 3rd person omniscent, it revolves mainly around Yossarian's relationships with his fellow officers. Yossarian seeks to live as long as possible, and tries everything he can think of to get out of flying more combat missions: usually he fakes sick so he can stay in the hospital. Yossarian is a very compassionate man, who experiences grief over many of the deaths in the novel, particularly Snowden. He is not against his country, nor is he unpatriotic; he simply values his life too much to continually risk it. As he notes, he's not flying more missions for his country, he's flying them for Colonel Cathcart. Important Characters in Catch-22 Colonel Cathcart: a colonel who constantly raises the number of missions required to improve his own reputation and improve his chances of becoming a general
General Peckem and Dreedle: the head Generals of the 256th squadron who are "at war" with each other
The Chaplain: one of Yossarian's friends who struggles with not being able to significantly help his fellow men
Snowden: a young gunner who dies in Yossarian's arms, and whose death Yossarain often flashes back to in the novel
Orr: Yossarain's tentmate who plays the fool, and eventually escapes to Sweden after being shot down and believed dead
Dr. Daneeka: a doctor who refuses to ground any of the men under Catch-22 and who constantly complains to the men who seek treatment
Milo Minderbender: chief mess officer who runs a blackmarket syndicate that spans all over the world
Aardavark - Aarfy, an inept navigator who slowly descends into mindless violence, though he believes he did nothing wrong
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