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Rembrandts life story

Rebecca Bradley

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Rembrandt

Rembrandt, A Light Bearer
Early Years
Rembrandt practiced and was taught by many local artists. Pieter Lastman, a famous Dutch artist helped him understand how to create vivid expressions and use lighting like shown many of his earliest works. Rembrandt started working on perfecting his portraits. Rembrandt's first famous piece of art work was called Stoning of Saint Stephan.
Family Life
Famous Art-Work
Rembrandt's most famous painting, The Night Watch, was painted in 1642. Rembrandt received a high price for this painting helping him in the financial area. This painting displays the use of lighting and expressions from which he learned in his early career. Unfortunately he started painting religious themes for himself, which he preferred but did not pay well. Rembrandt was forced to bankruptcy in 1656. However, when he died in 1969 on October 4, he left much wealth to his heirs.
Why a Light Bearer?
Rembrandt was known as the greatest portrait painter of all time. He showed it was possible to create a painting that is very realistic, but also very interesting even when the subjects are lower class people living simple live.
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was born July 15, 1606 in Leiden, Netherlands. He learned to speak Dutch. His father, Harmen Rign, was a miller. Neeltgen Willemsdochter van Zuidbroeck, the daughter of a baker, was Rembrandt's mother.
In 1634, Rembrandt married Saskia van Uylenburgh. Together they had four children in which only one (Titus) survived beyond infancy, living from 1641 to 1668. The year after Titus' birth, 1642, Saskia died. Later, even though Rembrandt was one of the countries most famous artists he struggled with money, like many artists. Due to his financial struggles, all of his artwork was sold.
Stoning of Saint Stephan
The Night Watch
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