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Science Fair Project

No description

Sidnee Franquez

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

hairspray Sidnee
Franquez By: Sidnee Franquez 1.Buy the materials
2.Ask people with four different hair types to test their hair
3.Put hair up into a regular bun using either hair ties or bobby pins(making sure there is no fly a way’s) 4.Spray hair with TREsemme hair spray. (repeat this step #3 and #4 with all four hair types)
5.Then ask the people to move and run around. Making sure you observe and see which hair is staying up.
6.While observing, time it and check if their hair is falling out. If the hair falls completely out, stop the time and complete the chart. If the hair is having some fly a ways it is okay. Actual hairspray was invented during World War II in 1943. It was first thought of aerosal spray which was used to kill insects. Not until after the war were the beauty industry recognized that the containers were pressurized by a liquified gas that was called fluorocarbon (aerosol). When fluorocarbon is sprayed it gives things that sticky, hard hold which is what hairspray does.

The hairspray brand I will be using is TREsemme. I choose that brand of hairspray because it is found easily and most common used. It would also be popping up constantly when I searched it. Question and Purpose Procedure Research Materials What type of hair works best with TREsemme hairspray?

The purpose of this project was to determine what hair type (thin; straight hair, thin; curly/wavy hair, thick; straight hair, thick; wavy/ curly hair)works best when sprayed with TREsemme hairspray. •TREsemme 24 hour hold hairspray
•4 different hair types
-Thin and straight
-Thin and curly/wavy
-Thick and curly/ wavy
-Thick and straight
•Timer or Clock
•Hair Ties
•Bobbi Pins (if needed) Hairspray's Effects on
Different Hair Types Conclusion My hypothesis was if I test different hair types with TREsemme hairspray, then it will hold p thin and straight hair the longest. The results indicates that my hypothesis should be considered correct, and it was supported by my results. Hair type #1 was held up the longest when sprayed by TREsemme hairspray. Because of the results of this experiment, I wonder if you constantly spray hairspray every hour or so that thick hair will stay in longer. If i were to conduct this experiment again I would constantly keep spraying the different hair types with hairspray maybe every hour, instead of just one time. Analysis If I test four different hair types with TREsemme hairspray, then it will work best with thin and straight hair because it is easier to maintain and control. Variables Independent Variable: The four different hair types

Dependent Variable: How long each hair type will stay up when sprayed by the hair spray. Constant and Control: Constant: How many times the hair types will be sprayed with hair spray which is once.

Control: The location of where the hair is being sprayed which is in an air conditioned room. Hypothesis
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