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GBP Quotes


Blake McGregor

on 19 February 2012

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Transcript of GBP Quotes

was a powerlifter in high school and has danced since the age of 3. Laura Aelvoet Alexandra Danner has been in two fashion shows. was named the 2nd pickiest eater in Chicago as a kid. Luckily he's outgrown that. Daniel L. Camara traveled to Africa on a medical mission trip over winter break. Sarah Biggs
has been interviewed by Conan O'Brien. Lauren Michelle Cardenas was on the All-West Texas football team Charles Dickson has lived in 4 different Continents and loves cars. Guillaume Pierre-Alexandre Herve is legally "disabled" for being so short! Allison Jacob built a model of the UT tower out of Legos Mary Grace Hebert hopes to open his own sushi restaurant someday Corey Jackel lived in London for 11 years. Lorena Ullah has a star named after her. Ellie Meyer is a state debate champion. Carson D. Young swam competitively for 12 years. Kaitlyn Swan is a world class swing dancer. Christine L. To qualified for the Boston Marathon during high school Matthew Grant Hogan has an infatuation with the color pink and rode a camel by the Egyptian pyramids when she was 6. Doha Hussien loves to play Starcraft Jason Jeng is allergic to soda. Alexandra Johnson is from Jersey...and in reality it's nothing like Jersey Shore. Kimberly Konwinski used to be a professional opera singer. Emily Johnson Lindquist danced at the 2009 Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. Michelle McCloskey can eat an entire pan of brownies. Kathleen McMahon loves the ocean but is scared of it, too. Jennifer Huang has never listened to a Justin Bieber song and is proud of it. Josh Gu is a lifelong yogi, blossoming yoga teacher, and soon to be practicing social worker Virginia C. Cruz has been to Disney World 23 times! Kristen English is a private pilot Ryan C. Ellis considers herself a connoisseur of anything chocolate. Emilie Davis is a professional guitar player Ghassan Bitar has a band that recorded an album. Kevin Burks starred in The Riverdance - The Irish Dancing Phenomenon. Holland Briggs is an expert quiche-maker. Lauren Ayers was a vegan for four years Casey Anderson laughs in her sleep Sidney Tucker has thirty six first cousins! Clarissa Quinn is a 2nd cousin to her roommate, and didn't know it until she met her at move in. Emily E. Walters can't see 3D. Strange, but true. Melissa Hodges is in the Longhorn Band Allison Grone is a twin. Maureen Gallagher is a trained yogi, aspiring actress, and attended circus camp in Australia. Katie Folger is a sabre fencer Kaethan Bysani has been scuba diving in Honduras Maren Cowley used to be a gymnast. Jennifer Agnew likes to rip stick. is obsessed with Call of Duty was a part of a musical. has hiked the Grand Canyon twice. loves the Steelers is a member of the Texas Wakeboard Team. is passionate about films and TV and is a regular attendee of Comic-Con International. Kirsten Emily Baumann Erin Barlow grew up in three countries and is learning her fourth language. Ayesha Akbar Scott Baker Maya S. Alex Nora Al-Adwani Hannah Catherine Babich Matt Avila Jessica Beardsley was salutatorian of her graduating class. almost dunked a basketball...on an 8 foot rim. once spent an entire summer backpacking through Colorado. childhood nickname was "Mad Dog" because of her temper. Emil Bitar can do impressions fairly well. is a dancer and has been since she was less than 2! loves yoga, chocolate, and Disney musicals. really enjoys playing basketball and being with his friends. is a former varsity hockey player is learning to speak German! is in Air Force ROTC used to be the most interesting person in the world...then that guy from dos equis happened. has flown across the Western United States in a helicopter. considers himself multi-dimensional. Whether its sports or Astronomy, he's interested in all spectrums of academia! used to run an average of six miles a day. is Czechoslovakian! Don't worry about saying her last name wrong. used to dance ballet with Kingwood Dance Theatre. loves to compose music on the piano. can play the piano and violin high school mascot was a mighty, fighting unicorn. can compose music! dances off-beat. likes to play the piano. loves to go wakeboarding. is double jointed in almost every joint. loves to meet new and different people. is a complete football addict. favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. can recall a quite random assortment of trivia. loves to cook for her friends and family! has lived in 8 different states. is rightfully hailed as a brilliant and hilarious cartoonist. was the captain of his highschool basketball team for two years. danced for 12 years, spun rifle and saber in color guard and plays the oboe! loves motorcycles used to be a dancer. enjoys playing lacrosse and spending time with friends. is half Swedish and speaks a little German! plays the violin. loves watching Disney movies! was in choir for 7 years. is a reader and self-learner is a disney loving, picture taking, happy-go-lucky Texas girl. is not allowed in 18+ clubs enjoys playing basketball in his free time. played softball for 13 years. is originally from Connecticut and hopes to teach art to students with special needs. is one well-rounded individual, he must say. danced ballet tap and jazz for 13 years. has a scar from the chickenpox where an eyelash will never grow again. thinks tubers are just fantastic used to be an All-State soccer player in high school. is cool is actually a robot. has gone skydiving twice loves spending time on her family's Christmas tree farm. was the tallest girl at her high school. pitched a no-hitter (one pitch away from a perfect game) studied abroad in Poland hopes to one day make money counting cards. is 3/8 of a Podiatrist favorite movie in the entire world is Top Gun. is learning to play the charango. has a callus on his right ear from putting pencils behind it used to be a professional cook. set records at her high school on her volleyball and softball teams. is ambitious. As a kid he wanted to be a piano playing astronaut who cooked. has been night diving on the Great Barrier Reef. is an "Arthur" enthusiast. has ridden horses competitively for the last 11 years. has a black belt in Taekwondo is an awesome violin player. hopes to become a novelist or see a flying pig, whichever's more likely. enjoys watching Track meets and can't wait for Texas Relays!! has lived in three countries and enjoys scuba diving. owns an epic rainbow poncho. is the only person with red hair in her family. likes to dance. loves to sing. loves to bake-and eat-cookies. did choir for 10 years -- so she like to sing. brother, sister, and herself were born almost exactly 6 years apart. played bass clarinet for 7 years. was a model for a Chinese New Years festival. used to ride horses competitively. used to work as a shrine maiden in Japan. earned his Eagle Scout at 13 years old. loves yoga has never broken a bone in her body. is a guitar player and used to be in a band loves to sing, dance and perform! loves to bake goodies! is a dual citizen. was a lead singer for a band in high school. is a Pacific Islander, and her grandparents are from Guam. still wants to be a Pokemon Master. ran her first Austin Half Marathon on Sunday, February 20th! favorite food is frozen yogurt! Athena Metaxas would be a professional mime if he couldn't become a doctor. Paresh Atu Jaini David Nguyen Abby Miksch Alyse Camus played competitive soccer for 12 years and was a captain! has lived in 3 other countries. Allison Hall Linsey Taylor Nelson's Cat McCormack Karen S. Lehrmann Kelley Nguyen Jamie Beech Byers Alyssa O'Connell Anshumaan Maharaj Landen Ashley Moody Erica L. Morales Amanda Anne McCoy Lauren Minor Caroline Kusmierz Ryan Sebastian Lannan Megan Morris Maya Moses' Lindsey Maxon Rena Pacheco-Theard Caroline Story Parks Joseph Benjamin Browder Kathrine Oldham Kelsey Birk's Viren U. Bhakta Isha Gautama Alayna Irene Boyd Victoria Brenna Lauren Birdwell Bailey Bryant Amanda Renee Evans has been hit twice by a golf club is a lover and a fighter. is an avid Harry Potter fan. was born to a Sooner Dad and an OSU Cowboy Mom loves writing poetry. Sarah Diamond George Rives Cary IV used to be a powerlifter. rows for Texas Crew 5 days a week at 5:15AM. is an adrenalin junkie, she loves skydiving! participated in competitive cheerleading and won a national championship. Pen versus sword? Not for her, she's a journalist and a fencer. used to compete in Irish Dancing. has been skydiving. is smart and special enjoys knitting on the beach. played the harp in the 5th grade. loves cats more than she loves people. is a world class swing dancer. has been backpacking in three different states completed a half-ironman. has saved the world-in Call of Duty. can play the bassoon. hates the smell of fresh pineapples. plays trumpet in the Longhorn Band. is nocturnal is a tree hugging, guitar playing science geek. plays guitar is a fine connoisseur of Norweigan and Swedish heavy metal. is from Indonesia and used to enjoy oil painting. balances things on her head when she gets bored. loves to play basketball and make rap music went to summer camp in Tennessee for 10 years was born in Hawaii was a member of a touring steel drum band. is obsessed with Friends, especially Joey. plays the Bamboo Flute Wes Brown Thomas James Burchett Kara Connell Abby Catherine Cernosek Cary A Bonci Michael D. Dey Branden George Kasra Ghodsi Jaclyn Marie Coleman Melissa A. Faber Junghwa Jamie Choi Benjamin Dowling Lauren Frosch Maureen C. Chunta Celina Fontenot Kaitlyn Leigh Gerik Madeline Childs' worked as a baker's assistant through high school. likes to hike and then study the plants she finds. works 35 feet in the air on a ropes course! is an international student who loves to dance and get to know new people. is left-handed. And right-handed. is a professional hula hooper and a professional Nicolas Cage re-enactor (if that is a word). is from Maryland and is a twin. is an awesome dancer who loves life! used to be a greenpeace activist traveled to China and loved it! sees the potentiality for fiction embedded in the world. grew up on a miniature horse farm. has played the guitar for over 7 years was a 1st team all district offensive lineman last year may soon be a published philosopher. has travelled to over 10 countries is Canadian lived in Australia makes a damn good four-berry pie. is an avid fossil and artifact hunter. is OBSESSED with the Mexican restaurant Costa Vida. K.C. Lawrence Jim Gibson Stephanie F. Holloway likes to travel. Jake Johnson Monica L. Kelly Jake C. Katzen Lauren Ashley Cunningham Kristen Jones Alaina Heine Samantha Louise Kherkher's Gina D'Arezzo is a true virgo, perfectionist, curious, and is honest. loves to travel and has been to Spain and Costa Rica. never attended a college football game before this year. Karl Dedow Kelly A. Katz Dylan Dean Lauren Corbett Joel Michael Kent Edion Hysi Joshua Joachim Ashioma Ishiekwene Karen Y. Huang Abby L. Hahn Katherine Alexandra Cullum Melissa Chen David Chi Shivani Desai Kari Counter Holly Coyle's Cassandra Chew Luis M. Castillo Katy Coggins Andrew Hainline Justin Michael Lilly Stephanie Martinez Victoria MacNaughton Zubair Muhammad Khan Isaac Joseph Perales Evan Ogden Jennifer Lin Zachary Samuel Levine Sarah Grace Pennant Cassandra Nguyen Pham Kelli Elizabeth Tomlinson Lauren Elizabeth O'Connell Catherine C. Parsley Jessica Perez Daryle Utama Mitch Smidt Melanie Thompson Christine L. To Jonathan Van Celeste Perez Rachel Walker Katryna Watkins Alexander Sands Justin D. Warden Ed Cheng Zhang Madison Spence Kenneth Traynham Stephen A. Tran Autumn Tran Theresa Tan Ashley Brooke Wallace Mimi Tran Jerry Vettemthadathil Rafael Rodriguez Carson Wine Dianna Len Schwake Ruoxing Sun Victor Ramon Kulsum Alvi Elexa Antweil Brooke Anderson Jeffery Watson Kacy E. Stark Richard Wawrose Olivia Louise Thornton Beth Sapire Heather Wong Robert Tolle J. Michael Smith Kelly Wright Jessica Spotts David Sterling Whittemore Sarah Wood Emily Glazener Cade Parker Gamma Beta Phi Induction 2011 Try to find someone in the room that you've seen here! Susan Wilcox Tatya Christabella Widjaja This should be fun... Dylan Rup Megan Wolfrom Jordan Elizabeth Smith Shannon Sullivan Dorothy Ann Riegert Amanda Zoe Stoll Tiffany Pullin Dominick Ruiz Lauryn Johanna Spence K. Rowe Sarah Sparks Marissa Ruehle Nidhi Reddy Kirstin Michelle Rose Amy Grace Prater Andrea Ramirez Cristoforo Elizabeth Ramirez Dayron Rodriguez
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