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Holocaust Survivor: Solomon Radasky

The epic tale of one man who witnessed and survived the holocaust.

Peyton Twete

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Holocaust Survivor: Solomon Radasky

Solomon Radasky One mans story of how he lived through the horrors of the holocaust. Born in Warsaw, Poland May 17th 1910 Out of 78 people in his family, he was the only one to survive. Both parents and his five siblings died. Solomon worked at the Warsaw Ghetto during the war. He was there for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, where he was shot in the ankle. This was the beginning of his horrible journey He was first sent to Majdanek death camp. He was stripped of his clothes and forced to walk 3 kilometers, pretending he didnt have a limb in fear he'd be killed. One of the many bad experiences was when one man in his group was smoking but wouldnt confess. So random people were beat including Solomon. After nine horrible weeks at Majdanek, he was tranported to Auschwitz, also a death camp. At Auschwitz Solomon was put to work moving sand. He worked hard and developed a skill of friending people who could sneak him extra food. Later he left Auschwitz January 18th 1945 when they began liquidating. He then went to Dachav concentration camp He only spent a short time here before the Americans finally liberated it and he was free. Solomon moved back to his hometown, Warsaw, and got married. Later on he and his wife moved to America Solomon settled happily in America with his wife and two kids, though his memories still haunted him. "There was 375,000 Jews livng in Warsaw before the war. I doubt there are 5,000 living there today. It is very, very important I tell this story" - Solomon Radasky. In loving memory of Solomon Radasky. Not only did he survive the terror the holocaust caused, he made sure his story was told. Solomon died at age 92 on August 2nd 2002 This paper clip doesn't just represnt one man who witnessed the horrible holocaust. It stands for one man who lived to tell his story. Solomon Radasky didn't die, he grew wings and flew away to a place without nightmares, but he will never be forgotten.
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