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Prophet Musa

No description

Omar Hashmi

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Prophet Musa

Musa (PBIH) was scared so he ran into the desert.
Phiroun wanted to kill all the children of Bani Israeel. Musas (PBUH) mother, Loha put him in a basket and put it in a river.
By Omar and Sindeed
Prophet Musa
Musa (PBUH) grew up to be a very strong man.
Musa (PBUH) got the water for them. The two women invited him to come to their house.
One day Musa (PBUH) started feeling homesick and decided he should go back to Egypt with his new family.
Prophet Musa (PBUH) wanted his brother to be a prophet. Allah (SWT) showed Prophet Musa (PBUH) two miracles.
Prophet Musa (PBUH) and Prophet Haroon (PBUH) set out with their families to Phiroun. Phiroun created a competition and had his best magicians preform against the Prophet Musa (PBUH).
The magicians turned their staffs into snakes but when Prophet Musa (PBUH) turned his staff into a snake, his snake ate the rest.
The magicians knew this was real and not an illusion and became Muslim.
Phirouns wife, Aasiya saw the basket and wanted to adopt Musa (PBUH)
One of Phiroun's servants told him to give Musa (PBUH) a rock. If he reaches for it with his left hand they’d kill him. If he took it with his right, he could live.
Prophet Musa (PBUH) asked Phiroun if he could take Bani Israeel to come to Palestine, but Phiroun refused.
Allah (SWT) sent hundreds of frogs who infested Egypt. Prophet Musa (PBUH) prayed to Allah (SWT) that they’d go away. Then Allah (SWT) had sent a drought upon the Egyptians. Prophet Musa (PBUH) once again made dua.
Finally after all these miracles, Allah (SWT) had enough of their arrogance and ordered Prophet Musa (PBUH) to sneak the Bani Israeel to Palestine.
Once Prophet Musa (PBUH) reached the sea Allah (SWT) ordered him to strike the sea with his staff. When he did the sea parted and the Bani Israel crossed. When Phiroun and his army started to cross the water returned to normal and the entire army drowned.
Despite the fact that Phiroun was dead, his influence of arrogance was still in them.
Then Allah (SWT) made it so that when the Egyptians tried to drink water it turned into blood. When Muslims drank it was pure. Allah (SWT) sent a swarm of locusts that ate all the crops and then He sent a flood.
Allah (SWT) told Prophet Musa (PBUH) to let the arrogant Israelites wander in the desert until they produced a new generation.
Allah (SWT) instructed Prophet Musa (PBUH) to fast for thirty days to purify himself.
When he went to Allah (SWT), He told Prophet Musa (PBUH) “Do you not know, Musa, the odour of the faster’s mouth is more scented to Me than a rose. Go back and fast ten days; then come back to Me.”
An evil man from the Israelites took the little gold they had and shaped it into a cow. He said tht this was their new god.
When Prophet Musa (PBUH) got the Towrah he was very excited and ran to his tribe right away. When he saw the golden calf, he broke it immediately.
All of Bani Israeel used the cow as a God other than 70 to 80 elderly pious people including Prophet Haroon (PBUH). Prophet Musa (PBUH) told them to go to the mountains and repent to Allah (SWT). Then Prophet Musa (PBUH) showed them another miracle, talking with Allah (SWT) But even the best of the people were arrogant and ungrateful and said they'd only believe if they saw Allah (SWT).
Allah (SWT) made Al-Mann (a sweet bread) fall from the sky, He gave them a dove-like bird that was easy to catch, and when the people were thirsty Allah (SWT) told Prophet Musa (PBUH) to strike a stone with his staff, and water would gush out.
Prophet Haroon (PBUH) died shortly before Prophet Musa (PBUH). Abu Hurayrah narrated: “The angel of death was sent to Prophet Musa (PBUH). Prophet Musa (PBUH) did not want to die until he felt he had done his job with the Bani Israeel. The angel returned to his Lord and said: ‘You have sent me to a slave who does not want to die.’ Allah (SWT) said, ‘Return to him and tell him to put his hand on the back of an ox and for every hair that will come under it, he will be granted one extra year of life.’ Prophet Musa (PBUH) said: ‘O Lord! What will happen after that?’ Allah (SWT) replied: ‘Then death.’ Prophet Musa (PBUH) said: ‘Let it come now then!’ Prophet Musa (PBUH), however, requested Allah (SWT) to let him die close to the Holy Land so that he would be at a distance of a stones throw from it” Abu Hurayrah added “Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: ‘If I were there, I would show you his grave below the red sand hill on the side of the road.’” This story is reported in Saheeh-ul-Bukhari.
Phiroun’s wife Aasiya, was a kind, pious woman and stopped Phiroun from killing Prophet Musa (PBUH) when they found him in the basket.
Phiroun was killing all baby boys because of a vision a jinn showed him
Prophet Musa (PBUH) was raised in Phiroun’s palace
Prophet Musa (PBUH) was fed by his own mother
His mother's name was Loha
His sister's name was Maryam
His wife's name was Safura
His brother's name was Haroon (PBUH)
Prophet Musa (PBUH) was one of the few prophets who talked to Allah (SWT) directly
He died on his 120 birthday and earlier that day he said, " Today I am 120 years old and I can no longer come and go."
Al- Khidr
One day when Prophet Musa (PBUH) was walking through the village, when he found Al- Khidr he asked him if he could be guided by his knowledge. Al- Khidr replied,"Impossible, for how can you tolerate what is beyond your knowledge." Prophet Musa (PBUH) replied, "If Allah (SWT) wills you shall find me patient."
Al- Khidr broke a hole in the side of the ship. Prophet Musa (PBUH), astonished asked, "Why are you breaking a hole in this poor family's boat?" "Did I not tell you you would not bear with me," replied Al- Khidr.
Al-Khidr picked up a rock, and whipped the rock at the boy killing him instantly. Prophet Musa (PBUH) again asked why, and again apologized. Al- Khidr said Prophet Musa (PBUH) had one more chance, then he would have to leave.
Then the two of them came to a broken wall and repaired it without any asking for any money. Prophet Musa (PBUH) asked why.
"I damaged the ship because there is an evil king, who stole every undamaged ship. I killed the boy because he troubled everyone around him and his parents prayed to replace him with someone else. When the boy died another was born. I repaired the wall and asked for no pay because there was hidden money there that belonged to poor orphans that their father kept for them. And if anyone found out, they'd steal it. Now do you see why I told you could not bear with me?"
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One day a man from the village asked Prophet Musa (PBUH) who is the most knowledgeable person on earth Prophet Musa (PBUH) said that he was. It was later revealed to him that a man named Al- Khidr was more knowledgeable.
Phiroun tyrannically ruled Ancient Egypt.
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