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SOTA Final Presentation (Spring 2014)

No description

McCallie Jones

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of SOTA Final Presentation (Spring 2014)

Summary of Last Semester
Important Findings:
85% of faculty will promote in classroom
63% of faculty would buy discounted ticket options
98% of faculty check email more than once a day
Faculty often leave and don't come back to campus for events. (Timing and scheduling conflict)
Where We Are Headed
"How have technology, interdisciplinarity, and a changing student body upended old expectations [of art programs]?"
- Chronicle of Higher Education (2011)

Not only is art changing, but so are promotional techniques within the schools. The target demographics are drowning in Web 3.0; SOTA should start swimming to keep up!
Social Media
Online offers
QR Codes
Live Streaming Events
New Research
Most Important Audiences
Prospective Students
Current Students
Current Faculty
Current Staff
Increase Faculty, Staff, and Student Attendance by 20% by 2016
Increase Social Media Presence Weekly by 30%
Increase Number of Committed Students to SOTA by 25% by 2016. (This includes prospective students who list SOTA as a potential major).
Strategy 1:
Provide incentives for faculty and staff through various promotional efforts to fit their specific needs identified through previous research.
Tactic A:
Create a faculty/staff event time (for select events) around 5-6 pm because they will be more willing to be on campus as noted in previous research.
Strategy 1:
Provide incentives for faculty and staff through various promotional efforts to fit their specific needs identified through previous research.
Tactic C:
Make the Garden Series a one-day monthly event in the Spring (February-April) in the Barnet Courtyard.
Strategy 3:
Create Partnerships among all schools and departments at CofC. The strategic plan states, "Faculty and staff work together as a team, sharing resources and collaborating with one another inside and outside the classroom, in support of the overarching academic mission."
Tactic A:
Create a mutually beneficial relationship with faculty by having them incorporate SOTA events into their curriculum, encouraging extended outside learning and increasing SOTA attendance.
Strategy 2:
Promote specific highlights/achievements of various SOTA programs in a manner that exemplifies the breadth and the strength of student/faculty performances.
Tactic A:
Encourage Charleston 40 and other tour guides to incorporate key programs and departments at SOTA (as well as alumni successes) to prospective students and their families. Guides should introduce the vibrant Lowcountry art scene that differentiates CofC SOTA from other art programs.
Strategy 2:
Promote specific highlights/achievements of various SOTA programs in a manner that exemplifies the breadth and the strength of student/faculty performances.
Tactic C:
Work with Admissions to be an active part in Accepted Students Weekend by having an event space set up to promote SOTA's opportunities
Strategy 1:
Increase followers on all platforms
Post frequently
Does not have to be SOTA-related material
Follow people you would want to follow you
Strategy 2:
Increase social media interaction between SOTA and its followers
Ask more questions
Create event hashtags (branding)
Strategy 3:
Have a group of people on hand who can post content that applies to all SOTA departments
Hire social media intern (paid or unpaid)
If budget allows, hire a communication graduate student/assistant (12,400/year)
Instagram Language
"Live Instagram"
Post photo of the week (can be any department)
Use Hashtags in EVERY post!
user name: SOTAcofc
password: SOTArm202
email: sota.socialmedia@gmail.com
No 140 character limit...take advantage!
YouTube Update!
How Do We Measure All of This?
Follower increase on all platforms
Redistribute surveys (for attendance and timing critique)
Number of "Favorites, Tweets, and Likes"
Comment cards at events
Work with admissions to measure commitment
65% of faculty agreed SOTA events can compliment classroom curricula.
68% of faculty agreed artistic and cultural events can be applicable in the classroom.
Survey Results:
85% would promote SOTA in their classrooms
Target Audiences and Budget
Deans/Academic Council
who can encourage chairs and professors to participate and create partnerships.
to promote events and create links in the classrooms.
to be exposed to new cultural events.
The Plan
The Outcome
1. Establish which school an upcoming show would appeal to.
2. Personalize the invitation!
3. In the invite include: emphasis on students' learning by means of attending SOTA events to increase knowledge or awareness in that particular subject.
4. In return, ask the specific school or department to promote the SOTA event on their social media pages
5. Encourage RSVPs. This way, students and professors can get discounted ticket prices for attending the event as a class requirement.
Students and faculty will be
to events that will hopefully encourage them to attend more events in the future.
Faculty and departments will create
mutually beneficial relationships.

Schools and departments will
SOTA events on various mediums allowing for more exposure.
Students will spread the word to friends who may not have attended any events before.
Students and faculty may be interested in
a punch card to enjoy the benefits of
continued attendance
. This could take the form of a "cultural passport," where campus events are built into the course structure.
Target Audiences and Participating Offices
Audience: Faculty and Staff (Students may also benefit from an occasional early show).
Offices: All SOTA members (including faculty and students).
*Because this will only be for select events/shows, the budget shouldn't be hugely affected by a single time change.
Pre-Event Publicity
1. The Dean should consult with her event supervisors to allow (on occasion) a faculty/staff show time for specific events.
2. The events should be placed to the appropriate calendars at the beginning of the year/semester. Faculty should
as if these events are specifically for them.
3. For student performers, give the names and majors so, in the likely event the faculty recognize them, they are more likely to attend.
4. Although faculty and staff mentioned that email blasts are the best point of contact, still reach out via social media promotions.
Faculty and Staff attendance - what's more, the possibility of repeat/season-ticket buyers.
Because admission is not free for this audience, incentives should be given out at the events:
Q & A with performers
A "loyalty card" option
Brief "talk back" session to allow for a more informal Q & A talk
Target Audiences and Participating Offices
Participating Offices: SOTA Office Staff, IT/Sound, Physical Plant, and CofC Office of Marketing and Communication.
Target Audiences: CofC Students, CofC Faculty/Staff, Local Charleston community, and prospective students/parents through Charleston 40 and related tours.
*If the Garden Series is a partially student-run event, it will cut budget costs.
Event Highlights
Pre-Event Publicity
Branding opportunity
1. Performers should be recruited 6 weeks in advance or earlier.
2. Teasers (social media) should begin as soon as the first performer commits
3. Post videos and pictures of 2014's Garden Series to show its inaugural success.
4. The calendar and necessary offices should already have the spot and time booked.
5. Professors and students should collaborate in an effort to promote the event
6. The Barnet Courtyard should have it's own page on the website, with a spotlight on the recent Garden Series. The page can provide background information, artist information, event information, and booking opportunities.
February: Romance theme
March: Partner with LCWA for a cultural affair
April: Month of celebration
Each month represents a different theme.
Participating Offices and Target Audiences
Offices: Admissions, SOTA, Orientation/New Student Programs.
Audiences: Prospective students/families and current students.
Budget: None!
Pre-Tour Publicity Arrangements
1. SOTA should prepare a list of all outdoor events, art sales, or events in the Barnet Courtyard for the semester.
2. Work with the Admissions office to establish the best dates to add SOTA events to the tours - also ask if prospective students interested in SOTA could have a tour of their own.
3. Make it easy or students and parents to pick up flyers, schedules, and event information when walking through CATO.
Invites to events should be extended to families via the website and social media prior to the tour itself.
4. If there are tours during the Garden Series, make arrangements to have the tours walk through the Garden during the performances. Prepare tour guides to talk about the new series.
Tour/Charleston 40 Relationship Highlights
This relationship is essential.
Charleston 40 guides can act as additional SOTA promoters, reaching thousands of students a year.
During the Garden Series, tour guides will promote the history of the Barnet Courtyard. They will also know the theme of the day, as well as briefly introduce the performer. Because of the unique nature of the Garden Series, it is a good opportunity to mention the distinguished Lowcountry culture that makes SOTA different.
*Students interested in other majors should be targeted also as future audience members and supporters.
Participating Offices and Target Audiences
Pre-Event Publicity
Event Highlights and Details
Offices: Academic Affairs, Alumni Affairs, Charleston 40
Audiences: Accepted/prospective students and their parents
1. Social media will be the primary method of promotion.
2. SOTA should post Tweets and Facebook posts twice a day encouraging prospective and accepted students to visit them at ASW (ambiguous posts for pop-up performances).
*Allowing students (ex. Arts Management) to assist with this will cut budget costs.
The posts should come from SOTA, College of Charleston, and Admission's social media accounts.
3. Decorative signs should be placed around campus directing students to the SOTA table (should be made by SOTA students).
SOTA will have a table on George Street during ASW.
The table will have the usual flyers (SOTA schedule, Halsey information, event flyers, alumni information, etc.).
In addition, SOTA students will be allowed to display artwork next to the tables. A confident solo musician should be playing while visitors come to the table.
SOTA should plan to have events occurring during this time.
Organize "flash mobs" that will occur randomly during ASW.
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