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exploring a career

No description

Zach Santin

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of exploring a career

exploring a career
High School Coarses I Will Need
- Grade 12 English at University level
-Grade 12 Math at University level
-grade 12 biology at university level
-grade 12 chemistry at univeristy level
Grades Needed
I will need a minimum average of 75% to participate in the nursing program at st lawrence college.
amount of post-secondery years required
I will need 4 year of post Secondary with 8 semesters and 30 coarses.
cost of post-secondary
post-secondary at st lawrence college would cost $28959.72 if I live at home
additional requirments
I will need standard first aid training with `CPR level C `, this will have to get recertified yearly
what might dissqualify me from this career
- failing the disease requirment
- physical deformity such as not having arms
$3000 for books
$25969.72 to attend the school
Possible Salary

New Graduates are paid $30.17 hourly for an annual salary of $58 831.50. the full time RN base rate range runs from frst year pay of $28.08 an hour ($53 040 a year) to a 25-year pay $40 an hour (78 000 a year).
A Day In The Life
9:40 am, Ms. McCubbin finishes moping the bathroom, then reminds her patient that she needs to take her pills 4 times a day.
10:05 Ms. McCubbin arrives at a patients apartment to take blood pressure, she only stays 15 minutes.
10:45 , she arives late at patients home and patiant wont let her in because she is annoyed. half an hour later she is let in.
patiants dont relize she visits 10 patiants a day.
11:30, she opens a 2 hour drop in clinic at a homless shelter.
1:30, she arrives at patiants appartment to give an injection.
4:30, she arrives at a man in his early 90`s, he`s tired, peeing frequently, and feels a burning ses=nsation when he urinates.
5.30 she goes home.
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