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Reaching Success through eSports

No description

Pete Vincent

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of Reaching Success through eSports

Reaching Success through eSports
eSports is...
Tell them what it is
Our recommendation
League of Legends (Fall)
Overwatch (Spring)
Hearthstone (Spring)

Some games can be played in the winter
Institutions Involved in eSports

Division 3

Middle Atlantic Conference
Stevenson University
Lebanon Valley College
The National Association of Collegiate Esports

Only govering body for esports
Started in NAIA
Supported by NAIA and NJCAA
67 Institutions members
Annual dues- Benefits includes
Scheduling help
Holds championship for competition

Pro vs Con

Marketing and Brandin
Bringing in more diverse students on all levels
Fills a unmet need
Teaches: Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management, Responsibility, Coaching
The Strategy Games help: increase memory, cognitive functions, increase hand and eye coordination
As team grows, the expenses go down
The team is able to get sponsors
No travel expenses
Can offer scholarship (up to the institution)
Considered a coed varsity sport
Two traditional seasons- Fall and Spring
NACe helps with sponsorship
No officials fee
Team may be able to receive grants (Still researching)
Esports Athletics vs. Club

1. Esports will be able/knows how to:
Keep Score
Uses Coaches that know the games.
Market and Brand
Get sponsors
2. Athletics has the capacity to house eSports and help it grow and flourish
3. Esports has to pay yearly organization dues. ($2500 to NACe). Just like DelVal pays to be a part of the MAC.
4. There are Traditional Seasons with the games.
5. The students can be lettered just like athletes.
6. Be able to recruit more diversity to the school.
7. Needs a competition area (example – baseball needs a baseball field)
8. The Students will need equipment and uniforms, just like other teams.
9. Coach/Athletic Department driven
10. Requires students have a certain GPA to participate
11. Esports follows NAIA guidelines (similar guidelines to NCAA)

1. Would not hurt us when it comes to the equity balance.
2. New clubs only get about $500 (a year?)
3. Clubs do not recruit
4. Student Driven
5. Has an advisor that might not be able to advise properly.
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