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The Everafter by Amy Huntley - book project

No description

brianna aldridge

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of The Everafter by Amy Huntley - book project

The Ever After

It's a really good detailed book. The details express a lot of emotion (might be emotional for some people). It makes you feel like your going through the memories with Maddy. This is a good book for people who are are into mystery, problem solving books.
Main Characters
- Regular high school girl Madison Stanton, one day wakes up and realizes she's dead. She is alone , in a dark place with nothing or no one around her. As she wonders around this vast place, she comes upon many different objects. All of these objects trigger different memories corresponding to the given object.But all these objects madison has lost sometime in her life. Madison revisits these memories when she touches them , revealing what happens to the object. She also can change what happens in the memory to make sure she doesn't lose them again.
- One theme I get from the book is to enjoy every moment you have in your life because you never know when that day comes where everything is gone. So while you have it be thankful for it. :)
My Connection
The connection i had with my book was a text to self. It made me realize that we're obviously no living forever and we have to live and cherish the memories we make.
by Amy Huntley
by Brianna Aldridge

- Madison Stanton
- Gabe - maddy's boyfriend
- Sandra- maddy's best friend.

-Madison finding her self dead , in a big dark place
- Called the everafter
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