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Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

No description

Jaci Howard

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The old kingdom of ancient Egypt had no army, the pharaoh would call upon farmers. This was until the Hyksos invaded Egypt.
The ancient egyptians were around them for so long they learned their weapons and created them as well.
Their weapons included bows arrows throwing clubs and spears, and also many different types of swords and daggers, with the exception of a chariot as a weapon. Once proficient with any of these weapons they would be stuck to.
There was a general for lower and another for upper Egypt, and for any of the off duty army men they would work as farmers.
Government and Leaders
The first government was formed when Menes (Egypt's first pharaoh) united upper and lower Egypt around 3100B.C, and began the first dynasty. Pharaohs inherited their positions and had multiple wives with one chief wife who had their oldest son became the pharaoh. Government and religion were very closely connected. Egyptians thought the pharaoh were powerful gods on earth. Pharaohs generally handled all aspects of Ancient Egyptian society. Highly ranked officials called viziers and overseers assisted the pharaoh in running the government, each of the 42 districts had its own governor, or nomarch. Scribes also assisted as the writers and scorekeepers. They all depended on the farmers and crafts workers to keep the country running smoothly.
Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
An army consisted of soldiers officers and scribes.The army was split into four divisions, and included up to 2000 egyptians and 3000 mercenaries from other countries by the time Ramses the second was in rule.
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