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No description

toño martinez

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of ROCK EN ESPAÑA

ROCK COMERCIAL VS ROCK NACIONALISTA EXTREMODURO ROCK NATIONALIST ROCK COMMERCIAL DOVER HEREDEIROS DA CRUS This is a group spanish founded in 1987 in Extremadura.The members of the group are: singer Roberto Iniesta, bass Miguel Colino, drums Jose Ignacio Cantera and guitar Iñaki Antón.They have 12 CD ,the last one in 2011 titled "Material Defectuoso".They released a double album called "Grandes exitos y Fracasos".The group is still active. LA FUGA Kortatu is a Basque group formed in1984.They were part of the"Basque radical rock"movement.They used to combine songs in Spanish language with songs in Basque language(Euskera) but ended up singing only in Basque language .The song "Sarri,sarri" is dedicated to a journalist and prisoner of ETA(a Basque terrorist group).In 1988 the group separated and started to perform individually. The members were Fermin Muguruza ,vocalist and guitar player, Iñigo Muguruza, bass player and vocalist, and Treku Armendariz, the drummer.In the short time they were together ,they released 7 records. This is a Basque group formed in 2000.Their members are Aguayo, guitarist,Fonta ,the bass player, Jon, the vocalist,Aguayiko,guitarist,and Xabi ,the drummer .In 2001 they released their first album"Mundo kaotiko","Raska y pierde" in 2003,"Destino escrito" in 2006,"Adrenalina" in 2008, and their last record "Reacciona!!!" in 2010 . The group is still together and playing. Spanish group founded in 1996 in Cantabria.The members of the group are Pedro, the singer,Nando ,the guitarist,Raul the bass player and Edu, the drummer . They have released 8 records in total, the last one in 2011,"Raíces" with Pedro,Nando and Edu .The twitter account of the group is @lafugarock Dover is a rock group from Madrid singing in English, led by the Llanos sisters and Jesús Antúnez.They have recorded 7 CDs and they have sold over 3 million copies. They began in 1992 and they go on playing.
They have won 9 national awards and 1 international award. KORTATU Heredeiros da Crus is a Galician group of rock founded in 1992 by Toñito de Poi, who is the guitarist.Other menbers are the guitarist Tuchiño,the bass player is Fran Velo and the vocalist Javi Maneiro. They have launched 7 records,"A Cuadrilla de Pepa a Loba","¡¡Está que te Cajas!!","Des Minutos","Criatura" this one containing only five songs,"Erecsiones Munisipales","All Right Chicago (Rock 'N' Roll)" which was live in Ribeira, and the last one in 2004 "Chicarrón".In 2005 the group decides to separate because of problems among them.In 2012 they decided to return, because they have a lot of fans who want to follow them and they are planning to release an album in 2013. TOÑO MARTÍNEZ CESPÓN KAOTIKO
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