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Accelerated Reader History

No description

Suzanna Felts

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Accelerated Reader History

*Renaissance Learning
discontinues computer
desktop version

*AR purchased for K-2

*Genre Bingo implemented
for 3-5

- Students not reading
- 3-5 teachers ask for AR

*AR purchased for 3-5 in May
February 2015
*Homeroom teachers ask for their login password to be

*A reading teacher expressed concern that students were
below their range
-Program administrator investigated
-One student found reading below range
based on individual ranges set in program
-Only some students had reading ranges
-Eleven or more students per class were
able to quiz on any book level from

*Program administrator updated all reading ranges based
on current Istation assessment

*Homeroom teachers received new reading reading
with acknowlegment to use their professional judgment
to make changes as necessary

February 2015
*A reading teacher upset password changes and reading range
-Homeroom teachers may share or keep password private
-Reading may view student progress by asking each child to log into
their account
- Remains, since the fall, the responsibility of the homeroom
teacher to monitor and make changes to student's reading range,
book level and point goals as needed

*AR for K-5

*Reading teachers monitor AR as year begins

*Reading grade to be taken (3rd-5th)
-Staff input
-Grade on percent of goal reached
-Modifications 504/IEP
-Program administrator to provide grades to
reading teachers

* In September 2014, reading teachers ask
for assistance from homeroom teachers in
monitoring AR
-Concern taken to Campus Advisory Team
September 30, 2014
-Campus Advisory Team voted to shift
AR monitoring to homeroom teachers
-Responsibility shifts to all homeroom
teachers to monitor AR for their
homeroom students October 6, 2014 at
faculty meeting
Accelerated Reader History
February/March 2015
*Program administrator contacted each homeroom teacher that
teaches math and/or science
-Asked 2 questions
--How can I assist you with monitoring AR?
-All teachers indicated they were monitoring AR
-Teachers needing assistance explained their need and needs
were addressed
--Do you mind overseeing/monitoring AR for your homeroom?
-Every math and/or science teacher said they did not mind.
-Several indicated they were glad to help lighten the reading
teacher's load

*Each homeroom teacher was contacted to show them how to change passwords at any time they would like
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