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-ed/-ing adjectives

Word formation: adjectives ending -ed and -ing

Adela Galán Rendón

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of -ed/-ing adjectives

Word formation Adjectives used to describe people's feelings

She's interested in insects.

They must be bored. Adjectives Exercise Examples:

This article is interesting.

The party was boring. Complete each sentence with the correct adjective.
1. confused/confusing
a. These instructions are very ______. I can't understand
b. He needs help with his maths homework; he is very
2. surprised/surprising
a. It was ______ to see Sonia at the party. I didn't think
she would come.
b. The book cost a lot. I was ______ it was so expensive. -ed and -ing ending Adjectives used to describe things, experiences, events Further practice on -ed / -ing adjectives:
1. Make a list of 10 adjectives for each
2. Look up for extra activities on -ed /
-ing adjectives:
a) a video
b) written exercises
3. Write about an experience an how you felt. List of adjectives:
Written exercises:
Writing: Points to consider for further practice
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