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No description

al nos

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Death

βλέπω superpower.
Perceiving and seeing.
Seeing what is beyond
Alaa Mohammad - 201600031
Introduction and an overview:
Disclaimer: This presentation is not for unimaginative minds.

The depth of the abyss
4 ways to perceive the soul:
Aristotle (350 BC), On The Soul, pp 412.
Coloumbia University Press (1958), Sources of Indian Tradition, vol. 1, p. 94
Walpola Rahula (1962), What the Buddha Taught, p. 34
Andrea Eugenio Cavanna (2013), Andrea Nani, Hal Blumenfeld & Steven Laureys, Neuroimaging of Consciousness
Carroll, Sean M. (2011), Physics and the Immortality of the Soul, Scientific American.
Krishna Sivaraman (2008), Hindu Spirituality Vedas Through Vedanta, p 433.
Final destination in this presentation.
The soul to death is like letters to books.
What's after death?
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