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Joanne Cardinal-Schubert

No description

Shawnee Newton

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Joanne Cardinal-Schubert

Joanne Cardinal Schubert
Joanne Cardinal-Schubert is a story-teller. In conversation, in writing, in the way she approaches her work. Joanna's paintings and installations are visual stories of personal experiences layered on a backdrop of social and historical events. She weaves bold Aboriginal motifs into colorful statements about subjects that touch her.
Biography !
Joanne Cardinal-Schubert was born in Red Deer, Alberta in 1942. She Graduated from the university of Calgary with a bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. (Print making and painting) in 1977. She is a multimedia artist whose work has been, in over 26 solo exhibitions and is included in many global art collections. Cardinal has continued to work professionally as a multimedia artist, curator, lecturer, published writer and as a director of video and aboriginal theater. This amazing artist works and lives in Alberta. She will continue to help contribute lighting/set and costume design, for the performances which are performed in Toronto and other vast places around the world.
mixed media
and oil on wood panel.

-72X54 inches.
Price - $

- mixed media
- 6X7.5 inch.

Price -
$1,175 Cdn.

- mixed media
- 7.5X9 inch.
- 1.175 Cdn.
Her creations on a canvas!
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