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new faces

No description

Natallia Benitsevich

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of new faces

We are nongovernmental nonprofit youth organization

We work both on national and international level Belarusian Youth Public Union
"New Faces" To promote formation of an active civil position of the young people in Belarus, based on the principals of openness, tolerance and equality, using innovative ways of work and methods of non-formal education Our mission Our objectives assist the development of democratic youth movement in Belarus

support youth initiatives in the area of culture, education, information, environment, healthy life-style

promote peace, struggle against intolerance and discrimination

strive for international understanding and cooperation between young people Our activities international youth exchanges

training courses


educational seminars


cultural festivals


volunteering Our structure The organization is ruled by the Coordinating Council that is represented by:
5 members of the Coordinating Council
3 members of Supervisory and Auditing Committee The main idea -- to meet different people and get to know diverse cultures from all over the world

50 participants from Belarus, Turkey, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Sweden, Lithuania, Tunis, Spain, Japan, Venezuela Our successful project only for this year Football for Intercultural Understanding 11th of August
2012 "Kultcaffe" Contact us 220103, Minsk, Belarus
Lynkova street, 15-b, 4b-1
newfacesbox@gmail.com Faces may be like this... or... like that... or... Volunteering We are working as a Sending and Hosting organisation of EVS projects Forum Theatre We are one of the first NGOs that initiated dissemination and usage of forum-theatre in Belarus

In 2002, together with Swedish partner "Arken Theatre" we initiated the project "Forum-theatre in Belarus"

Project goals: development and promotion forum-theatre method in professional and daily life of teachers, social worker, youth leaders, psychologists young actors Thank you for attention on you faces:) Our this year volunters from Turkey and ....... Czech Republic This is a long term project. During "Kultcaffe" we met with representatives of the national minorities in Belarus. We already had met with the Georgians, Armenians, Chinese. Now we are preparing meeting with Tatars. Together we will look at intercultural learning, try to recognize the situation with the cultural communities in Belarus. Training course
"Gender image in visual arts" The objectives of the project was:
- to raise awareness of the gender issues in Belarusian society
- to increase women participation in the sphere of the visual arts
- to spread the principles of gender equality and democratic values
Project included 4 days training for the representatives of the target groups with a presentations at the end and the photo exhibition tackling gender issue, which can provoke thought or a debate by the visitors
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