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No description

Geoffrey Rich

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of ROIPrezi

Dr. Laura Features Help Brands Grow.
You're in good company.
Dr. Laura's Listeners: Safety First
Sponsors Targeting Issues of Safety
She Believes Everyone Should Have a Calling Card that Reflects Who They Are
On-air, on-line, on Facebook
Dr. Laura-isms are Shareable.
Hundreds of Thousands Shared every month
A 360 degree endorsement campaign.
The Dr. Laura Calling Card promotion will be supported:
In program - 4 :15 second promotional announcements every week.
Via Twitter - weekly tweet announcing winners.
On-line - featured in the slide carousel on the home page.
On Facebook - once a quarter FB post congratulating a winner.
On-air - supporting VistaPrint's live and recorded endorsement campaign.
Proposed 2015 Schedule

Broadcast Schedule Rates Spots Q1 - 10 Weeks Q2 - 9 Weeks 6 Month Commitment
Live Spot $750 2 $15,000 $13,500 $28,500
Recorded Spot $500 5 $25,000 $22,500 $47,500
Feature Sponsorship $450 2 $9,000 $8,100 $17,100
Total Gross $49,000 $44,100 $93,100

The Dr. Laura Calling Card
Make your Calling Card your Mission Statement
Every week, Dr. Laura will reward two listeners (callers, FB posters, letter and e-mail writers) their own personalized "Dr. Laura Calling Card" - with their name and the Dr. Laura-ism that fits who they are:
The Dr. Laura Calling Card
Casper Sleep
Tommy John
Identity Guard
Ovation Cell Therapy
Dr. Laura on SiriusXM Delivers Results:
GM OnStar
Identity Guard

Issues of safety and
security resonate with Dr. Laura's audience.
Dr. Laura LOVES Her Business Card
The Dr. Laura Brand is
all about information,
inspiration, motivation
and identity.
ROI Media has been in the vanguard of using program features to build frequency and endorsement identity.
The eMail of the Day and the Book of the Week have become popular features in the program.
I am my kid's mom.
I am my kid's dad.
I am my husband's girlfriend.
Choose wisely, treat kindly.
Proud to be a stay-at-home-mom.
Now Go Do the Right Thing.
A New Program Feature for 2015
Jane Sarah Doe
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