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Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc - The Dos and Don'ts of Greek Life

Encourage Students to appropriately aspire to be a part of an organization.

Larissa Connett

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc - The Dos and Don'ts of Greek Life

The Gamma Alpha Chapter Dos & of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Greek Life Don'ts of Background Founded 1908
Howard University, Washington D.C.
aka1908.com Research Information Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Gamma Alpha Chapter Chartered April 14, 1940
Philander Smith College Understand each organization's Founding principles
Purpose & Mission
Program Initiatives & Partnerships Do Ask Yourself Hard Questions Meshing with organizational purpose, goals, expectations, etc
Your identity, group identity, and possibly combining the two
Commit for life
For life...for life...for life Financially Academically Spiritually Focusing on the Surface-Level
Family & Friend's ties to organizations
Perception of the organization
Stereotypes and Personalities When Asking Hard Questions Avoid Have money for membership, dues, miscellanious items ahead of time
Do not wait to save money
Identify what sacrifices to make, not to make
Financial commitment...for life. Be a dedicated student
Do not wait till a semester before membership intake to raising your GPA
Plan ahead to manage your coursework, extra cirriculars, & involvement in the organization
Time management to stay academically active Be beyond 100% sure
Prepare to be both a leader and a worker
Gain meaningful volunteer experience
Do not wait to cram volunteer experience into one semster
Know your personality
Your positive and negative attributes Volunteer experience
Leadership & Teamwork
Creativity & Innovation What strengths and experiences can you offer the organization? Be Humble Be An Asset What are you passionate about and how does that intertwine with the purpose and vision of the organization? Being a member of an organization should be mutually beneficial How does your passion match with the goals and objectives of the organization's program initiatives and overall purpose? Do not expect that the organization will develop you as a leader, give you a sense of identity, create a sister/brotherhood/network, etc.
The only way to get the true experience is if you can offer as much to the organization.
"You receive as much as you give." Do not let others "pump your head up"
Taking advice from uncredible sources
Letting others (or yourself) give you aires and assuming that you "having it in the bag"
What you see is not all glitter and gold
Avoid being a potential "letter wearer"
Being humble does not mean that you can't be excited
Show interest without being arrogant
Do not be intimidated
Do not participate in Tom-Foolery
Do not get "caught up"
Get respect when you give respect, we are all students and human beings Prepare Yourself
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