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Career Shadowing 4/14/10

No description

Sara Harper

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing 4/14/10

Career Shadowing 4/14/10 Company Purpose Employability skills Average salary/Education In 15 Years... Reflection Technology used: Skills needed: Would you pursue a career with this company? What did you like best about the job? What did you dislike about the job? Sara Harper Per. 3 To help people feel better and improve their quality of life. the company will be in a stand-alone business or a larger location. Proffessionalism and a desire to help people are key. You must be personable, analytical, and empathetic. You use these in situtations when you are listening to a client explaining their discomfort to interpret their problems and diagnose them, so to speak. Employees are required to obtain a state license which requires 750 hours of massage therapy schooling, as well as 24 hours of additional training every 2 years, or 500 hours plus a state license for full specialists. Average salary is about $23-$25,000 annually. Hydraulic tables, computers for scheduling, record keeping, and research, 7 in 1 facial unit, hot stone warmers, hot towel warmers, and a hot pack hydraculator. Proffessionalism, being on time, planning abilities, understanding of time constraints, strength, and a knowledge of muscular functions and skin conditions. Not as a career, but possibly as a job. It pays well and it's a nice setting to work in, plus massage therapy only requires technical schooling, which is convenient for a college student looking for money. I liked the work environment the most, it was very relaxing and friendly. I also enjoyed the part of the work which involved interacting with people. I disliked the strength required to do the job correctly. Employees do multiple massages a day and the strength required to do one deep tissue or even relaxation massage is a lot. It would be something I would have to get used to. Linda showing me how the facial steamer works Getting a manicure :) Showing me the products used for facials Showing me how to apply product Finished Product!
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