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"When All Means All" ED 502 Prezi

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Mallory Banks

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of "When All Means All" ED 502 Prezi

Do the rights of one child outweigh the rights of the group? Should the program be cancelled? Is is fair to sacrifice the needs of the individual even when he or she represents a voice not experienced by the majority? What's the best thing for all children involved?
Student learning has been interrupted due to one child's misbehavior.
Neither the typical peers nor Cody is learning at this point so the learning needs of all children are sacrificed.
The law requires that all children receive a free, appropriate, and public education. (http://tinyurl.com/33j47sk)
Appropriate does not mean full inclusion if that is not where the child can be successful. Considering the support Jim has lost, should he continue the program? Discuss pros & cons of program continuation that Jim should consider before he makes his decision. Pros
1. This is the first major road bump in many years.
2. It has been successful for many children.
3. Parents of special education children are happy that their child is mainstreamed with typical peers.
4. Children who are mainstreamed are in the least restrictive environment. There are important laws to protect individuals with disabilities, but there are also laws that require teachers to educate all children. Do you see these laws as conflicting? Why or why not? Who made these laws? Who were they designed to protect? I do not see these laws as conflicting. Protection for individuals for disabilities requires schools and businesses to not discriminate against them and also requires public education for all students. Requiring teachers to educate all children allows there to be no discrimination from public schooling for these students.
This laws were designed to protect students with disabilities. Legislation made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of disability.

What FAPE is and is not? (http://tinyurl.com/czttgvx) When All Means All Mallory Banks Cons
1. Teacher support has been lost; crucial to success.
2. Cody could escalate and safety could be an issue.
3. Learning environment has been compromised.
4. Parents of other children could continue to complain. Synopsis of Case Study:
Elementary school has successfully implemented full inclusion of special education students. The team has been asked to speak at numerous conferences and has overall been a great success to the district. Cody, a behavioral student, enters the district and is truly more than the teachers can handle in the regular education classroom. The teachers have told the principal that they want Cody out of their class and they have some regular education parental support.
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