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They shouldn't lower the voting age to 13

No description

Angelina Flynn

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of They shouldn't lower the voting age to 13

The Voting Age was never under 18 Thirteen year olds are not educated enough to vote. 13 year olds don't know enough about politics 13 year olds don't pay taxes * I think 18 is a mature age. *They are too young to vote *Some don't pay attention to politics Kids shouldn't be trusted to vote They shouln't lower the voting age to 13 years old. *I think the voting age should stay at 18. *In 1971, the voting age used to be 21 years old
"(Grover, Sonja C. Young People's human rights and the Politics of Voting Age)" *The voting age right now is 18
(Grover,Sonja C. "Young People's Human Rights and the Politics of Voting Age)" *They don't know as much as 18 year olds do *You are not finished all of your required schooling at 13
"16 Candles In A Ballot?"(New York Times Upfront)(Belluck) *13 year olds arent in highschool yet (which means they aren't fully educated)
*13 year olds are too young to learn about politics *13 year olds don't learn politics in school
(Perlman. "1971: "18 year olds ge the vote New York Times Upfront)". Some kids rely on their parents/idols for politician. *13 year olds aren't meant to pat taxes *They shouldn't pay taxes because they should save for college. *13 year olds can't own houses
"1971: 18-Year-Olds Get the Vote" (New York Times Upfront. (Pearlman).
*Most don't work *Some kids get manipulated *Some 13 year olds randomly vote *Parent's views can influence children's decision
"16 Candles and a Ballot" (New York Times Upfront)(Belluck).
Works Cited *16 candles and a ballot? (Newspaper) *Young people's human rights and the Politics of Voting. (book) *"1971: 18-year olds get the vote." ( New York times upfront: Perlman). (Newspaper) By: Angelina Flynn What I learned What I lerned is that 13 isn't really a great age to start voting because most of us really don't know a lot about politics because we don't get taught it. I think it should stay at eighteen because it is a sucsessful age and you are just about done school. They don't learn politics in school.

"1971: 18-Year-Olds Get The Vote." (New York Times Upfront)(Pearlman).
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