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Ancient India

No description

Hilal Yasan

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient India

Geography Himalayan Mountains Ancient India! By: Hilal Yasan Indus River Geography A map of ancient India: Monsoons Monotheism VS. Polytheism Aryan People India was connected to Pakistan and Bangladeshs
India created the Himalayan mountain
It was a subcontinent
Continental drift happened The Himalayas has the largest Mountain in the world, Mt. Everest
It is 29,028 ft from the ground!
Himalaya means "home of snow"
India was like an island
Himalayas formed when India collided to Asia because of continental drift
Spiky mountain range
It is VERY cold and no living thing lives there
Now, in Nepal The valleys were formed by great rivers
The two rivers Ganges and Indus river went through the Himalayas and through India
The Ganges river continues to east Bengal
The Indus river heads to the Arabian Sea
The rivers from deltas with good growing soil Big rainstorms
Bad water condition
Rain covers subcontinent
Indus and Ganges overflow their banks
Monsoons can cause devastation
Monsoons can cause HUGE floods
They can destroy everything and knock down trees
Monsoons can affect plant growth and destroy crops
Many people die of monsoons or get injured
People get washed away and never return and we don't know if they are alive
When monsoons arrive, a big amount of rain comes but after that for a long time no rain comes Monotheism is when you worship 1 god
Polytheism is when you worship many gods ( more than 1)
An example of Polytheism is Hinduism because they worship many gods like one of them is Siva
An example of monotheism would be Islam because we worship only 1 god (Allah)
Polytheism opposes the fitrah of humanity, whereas monotheism compliments the true nature or fitrah of humanity They were not known as much
They were agricultural people
Aryans usually moved to different places
They left no monuments or building
Came from northwest India
Aryan means," the noble ones"
They had an agricultural society that will be beneficial to future generations The Mauryan Empire Caste System It shows the richness and poorness levels on a pyramid
It was from Hinduism
It looks like This: Or Dalits Modern India Hinduism and Buddhism still go on today
The Indians still go to temples to worship their god(s)
They still celebrate the gods each year
Hindus celebrate Diwali
Hindus still follow ahimsa
There are big cities now in India Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Story He wanted to find his god
His fitrah knew that the statues that his dad made weren't gods
He searched and searched to find his god
He thought it was the moon or the sun or the stars
He realized that you cant see Allah
When everyone left to a festival, he crushed all the statues
They put him in a fire but it was cold and cool so he walked out
Everyone is born with a fitrah, your parents are the ones who influence you Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa Mohenjo-Daro was very rich for one period
They had an advanced plumbing system
Aloud city to be clean and to take baths
India's first city grew on a river
It was Harappa
Harappa had the largest amount of people in the civilization
The two cities are all what we know about ancient India Math The End!! Thanks for watching! Chandragupta was the emperor
It was known for the most peaceful empire
They one a battle with Alexander the Great
He attacked the kingdom of Maghadha and conquered it
His son Bindurasa had 7 sons which included Ashoka
Ashoka became emperor after his father
He turned to Buddhism
His sons remained emperor for 48 years untill last one got killed by his officer
India was then divided Ancient Indians created math and the decimal system
They created the number 0 all the way to infinity
Brahmagupta was a famous math magician '
They solve problems differently then us
They used geometry for their statues
They even invented equations Hinduism Buddhism They worshiped a Buddha in different positions
People that were living near the Ganges river grew dissatisfied with Hinduism so a new religion came
Siddhartha Gautama created Buddhism
Drove Chariot and saw a man that was sick, another man that was old, another man that was dead
He then wanted to let go of the world
Ribs poked out, eyes sank in to sockets, he gave up
When 35 he sat under Bodhi tree and meditated
Next morning his mind understood nature and suffering
The great enlightment which made him the Buddha
Now has over 3 million followers worldwide Hindus had a way of organizing their society= caste system
Aryan beliefs + Indus valley people = Hinduism
Hindus worshiped many gods so they were polytheists
One important god is Siva which is the creator and destroyer
Siva is a dancing god
Hindus believe that it takes longer than a lifetime to free ones soul
Hindus believe something called Ahimsa which is not giving harm to any living thing
Hinduism discovered yoga and practice it
Today, over 900,000 are in the U.S.A Siva
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