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Make-up Artist

Career interest in becoming a makeup artist

'Yana Nicole

on 2 August 2011

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Transcript of Make-up Artist

MakeUp Artist An expert at giving
people a desired
look through the
use of makeup,
wigs, and other
tools of the trade. What is a
Make-Up Artist? eDUCATIONAL ; ReQUIReMeNTS To become a make-up artist, you must finish high school, and later go to a make-up school for training. It would also improve your chances in the field if you were to get your license in cosmetology. Getting your Masters degree in art, theator, film history, or other things such as drama, drawing, and painting are things to help your career in this very competitive field. Salary The range of earnings for makeup artists are from
$30,000-$60,000 a year. Salary varies for some make-up
artists. Theatrical makeup artists tend to make more money
than local or retail makeup artists. It all depends on which
area of the field chosen to pursue. Experience between 1-4 yrs. and geographical locations are some things that could affect earnings. Advancements in this career
depends on experience.
To work in this career field,
reading comprehension and
active listening are good
abilities that could contribute
to success. Day To Day Routine Certain things a makeup artists does on a day to day basis are things such as:
-meeting with clients to come up with makeup plans that meet their requirements.
-make the same makeup palletes for their clients so their makeup can look the same each day.
-looks over scripts and other things to plan makeup.
-during performances, they re-apply makeup.
-establishes and works with a budget. working conditions Working weekends alot of standing! What This Job Is About employment Statistics The occupational outlook of this career is steadily increasing. In Georgia, the annual growth rate is said to be around 36%, and there are only 10 annual job earnings. Nationally, the annual growth rate is estimated at 40%, and job openings are very small.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in the future less than 1,000 jobs were to be opened between the years 2006-2016. Things to prepare somebody for this career would definitly be to finish high school and to take some kind of art classes to learn about colors and how well they work together. Preparation Sources -www.makeup-artist-world.com
-Toinette Anderson
-Milady's Standard Cosmetology A related career to a makeup artist, is a cosmetologist. They both deal with the fundamentals of enhancing someone's look exept makeup artists don't deal with hair. A'tyana Montgomery
1st Interview
Toinette Anderson

Q: At what age did you decide you wanted to be a makeup artist?
A: when I got out of hich school I realized this would be a good, fun career for me.

Q: What inspired or influenced you to pursue this career?
A: Basically me wanting to try something different.

Q: How long must you train to become a makeup artist?
A: Me personally, it took me 8 months to almost a year to train to be a makekup artist and some years to be a cosmetology instructor.

Q: What characteristics or personality traits must you have to succeed in this career?
A: You must be VERY friendly, outgoing and patient because you're around people constantly.

Q: Are there any health hazzards pertaining to this career?
A: There are at some times, but you take a course on skin sanitation so you should be prepared for anything.

Q: When there is a difficult client, how do you handle them?
A: Like I said earlier, you must have patience. Without it you might just end up losing that client and your reputation, so I just try to follow exactly how they want their makeup done and be polite. Q: How long does it take to become a "known" makeup artist
A: Depending on your luck, it could go either way, you can be known in up to a year, or be unknown for a very long time.

Q: What are some disadvantages and advantages of this job?
A: The advantages would be the experience, making people feel good about themselves. The disadvantages would probably be you're on your own out there. You have to find work, its not just going to come to you.

Q: What is some advice you could give me about this career?
A: Stay motivated, if you don't, then you shouldnt even want to pursue this job, its all about marketing yourself.

Q: What was your best experience as a makeup artist?
A: When I had to do makeup for this lady on her wedding day. She cried because she liked it so much. The advantages that would
be for this job would be being
able to be hands-on, working
around alot of people, and also
it seems like a very fun job. Disadvantages of this career would most likely be the amount of time you spend working, being polite to rude clients, and waking up early in the mornings. Advantages Of this Career Disadvantages Of This Career working conditions of a makeup artist are things such as: A'tyana Montgomery
1st Would I be suitable for this job? Personally I think I could be suitable for this job. Im patient and I don't give up. Also, I love helping people and this seems like the right career for that. Irregular work hours
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