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iphone app

No description

Alyxandria Hodges

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of iphone app

a safer driving application OVERVIEW: To create an iphone app that will encourage and ensure safer driving for young people. This all will also allow for discounts on insurance upon use and will be connected to the users insurance account. MY COMPETITION State farm, Progressive, R-U-Buzzed?, Steer Clear GOAL: To ensure that a user will not be texting and driving and/or be using other iphone applications while their vehicle is in motion. Upon use, the user will obtain discounts on their monthly insurance plan. This app will also be a way to make young people realize the real dangers of texting and driving HAVE YOU EVER? Been a passenger in a car with someone who has been texting while driving?

Witnessed the effects the distraction made on someone's ability to drive?

Done it yourself? BUT HERE'S THE DEAL... 23% of auto collisions involve cell phones is the minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when you're texting and driving
.....if you're traveling at 55mph that equals the length of a football field without looking at the road. of young adults are very confident that they can safely text and drive
55% claim that it's 1/5 of drivers of all ages claim to be of Americans ages 16-17 own cell phones SO WHAT CAN WE DO? 5 SECONDS 82% 77% EASY SURFING THE WEB while driving This was my solution... say they have texted while driving ...34% the end any questions? ....thats 1.3 million crashes ....teens who text and drive spend approximately 10% of the time driving outside of their lane. IM SURE YOU HAVE .... SO HAVE I.
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