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Sensational gossip!

Olympic Village

Ksenia Vlasova

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Sensational gossip!

"The Olympic village is like our second home ,"
-said the participants of the Olympiad.
"Wolf in my hall? I'm sure that was a wolf!"
The american athlete has sounded the alarm: in wolf turned up her house! "Wolf in my hall? I'm sure that was a wolf!" - Hansen wrote in her twitter. Her statement is also confirmed with a videotape on YouTube.
Russian users in the comments comforted American guests: "Thanks God, that's not a bear with balalaika!"
American bobsledder Jonny Quinn has broken the door of the shower room in the Olympic village for Sochi.
Wandering wolf appeared and funny American jokes in the Olympia Village
«I was in the shower, when I found out the door was locked.Not having a phone to call for help, I had to use the skills of pushing out the door,» Quinn wrote in his Twitter.
U.S. media immediately picked up the story about the wolf walking across a hotel in Sochi. However, the video, which served as a pretext for the "media frenzy" was hoax. The comedian Jimmy Kimmel talked Keith Hansen into giving the world up the joke.
News from the Olympic village:







The used materials:
Blocked a few days ago in the bathroom the athlete was stuck again. This time it was in the Elevator.
Fellow sufferers didn't leave behind and also unsubscribed microblog. "Of course, I was in the company of Quinn when the elevator door jammed, and we were canght," - said Cunningham. "Now we were misfed in an elevator! Can we get Quinn?" - Cripps said.
Sensational gossip!
«Hot. Cool. Yours.»

Dance Keith Hansen, who incendiary girl performed between the first and second attempts at the Olympic Games in Sochi, caused a delight fans, but did not like the commentator on NBC's Duncan Kennedy.
Maybe for a regular workout, this dance is good, but I'm not sure that it is suitable to those who fight for a medal
," - severely chided commentator cheerful girl.
The sportswoman said that danced to the song Beyonce, and added that she was not embarrassed that someone might see her dance.
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