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Tetonic plates

Describing tetonic plates

breck limas

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Tetonic plates

1906 San Fransisco earthquake San Fransisco today continental drift 1906 San Francisco earthquake Plate Tectonics by Breck Limas ,Gabino Saucedo, and Jairo Rodriguez. This is San Fransisco today. You can tell that tectonic plates can't eternally destroy a city. This is how volcanoes are made due to plates colliding This earthquake had two tectonic plates collide.This caused a massive earthquake. India plate collishoin that caused the Himalaya Himalayas Earth's templates formed the continents that we know today. The End Thanks. Tectonic plates can cause much damage Plate Tectonics changed the world to its formation today. These are all different time periods. The Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate creating the Himalayas. These mountains were created by the Indian and Eurasion plate converging. in many places on Earth. There for, if there were no tectonic plates, the world would still be Pangaea. This is Pangaea with all of the continents on Earth. As you can see, from the second we embarked on making this prezi we learned about things tectonic plates can form such as : earthquakes, mountains, volcanoes, and bigger continents. We also learned about Pangaea. One last thing we learned is how the Earth was formed.
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