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ESL Unit 2: Growing Together (Edge Fundamentals)

Using Edge Fundamentals, Unit 1: Who Am I? Second cluster, Growing Together. Forming questions and contractions.

Hollie Linville

on 20 December 2010

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Transcript of ESL Unit 2: Growing Together (Edge Fundamentals)

Unit 2: Esssential Question:
Who Am I?
I am a person that can give information.
I am a person that needs to ask questions. We know at least 5 reading strategies:
Essential Questions
Make a connection
Make a prediction
Organize / Categorize Look at the cover of your next reading.
Choose a reading strategy that you think
will help you understand this reading.

Maybe you will choose two reading strategies. Choose a reading strategy that you think
will help you understand this reading. On a white board,
write what strategy you
would like to use. Silently,
write your
about the
cover. You have 2 minutes. In English or Spanish,
share your thoughts with your shoulder partner. 30 seconds each partner. Share your ideas with the class. Organize Prediction Visualize Connection Vocabulary: Open the packet to the first page. Now you are going to rate (consider)
your vocabulary. #1. I do not know this word.
#2. I am not sure, but I think I know this word.
#3. I know the word and I can teach it to someone.
You have 1 minute to rate your vocabulary words. Next, let's look at the sentences for your words.

Maybe the sentences can help you understand the word. Something that is very pretty is beautiful.
Flowers are beautiful. To grow is to make something bigger.
It also means to cultivate.
A lemon tree grows lemons. When something is hard, it is not easy to do.
Speaking another language is hard.
Wood is hard. To leave is to go away.
We are usually happy to leave school on Friday. When you miss someone, you are sad because you are not with them.
You miss class when you are absent.
You can miss the bus or a train. When you put things together, you combine them.
We work together in class. I don't like to wait for the bus on a cold day.
When you wait, you stay in one place for some time. Activity:
For every word except "together" and "wait,"
there are 2 or 3 meanings. Time for the post-it notes! Step 1: There are only 8 words. Some people will start with the same word. Check your starting word.
Step 2: You must get your words in order!
Step 3: With your list, go to the board and try to find the post-it with the meaning of your word.
Step 4: Stick the post-it to your paper.
Step 5: Show it to Ms. Linville. She will verify if you are right and check your paper.
Step 6. If you are right, return the post-it note to the board and find your next word.
Step 6a. If you are not right, return the post-it note and try to find your word. A home is where you live.

A family is happy to be home. Homework: Write at a sentence for each word on your new vocabulary sheet. Read:
Meet Carmen Agra Deedy
(1960 - ) After reading about the author,
turn the page.
Read the question and make a connection. Take 1 or 2 minutes to write your thoughts.

Discuss your connection with your shoulder partner. Next, look at the pictures in the story.

After reading about the author and looking at the pictures, make a prediction about the story. Now we will read the story.
First I will read and then we will read together.
Together as a class: Analyze Growing Together.
page 41 Statements and Questions
Go to Grammar Packet
www.hbedge.net We stopped here for the first lesson. Dec 14, 2010
Unit 2: Esssential Question:
Who Am I?
I am a person that can give information.
I am a person that needs to ask questions. 1. Take out your homework sentences. Vocabulary list:



home leave



After class reflection:
What did we learn or practice today? practiced old and new vocab. practiced a reading strategy of our choice.
practiced reading aloud in English.
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