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EL Academic Discourse & the CCSS

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jennifer weir

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of EL Academic Discourse & the CCSS

Supporting English Learner Academic Discourse within the California Common Core State Standards
Workshop Objectives:
Jennifer Weir

Fillmore Unified School District
Special Populations Student Support Coordinator

January, 2014

21st Century Skills
Students who are
College & Career Ready...
Academic Discourse
Creating a classroom culture
for structured interactions...
CC Speaking & Listening
Standards grades 6-12
Language Strategies for
Academic Interaction
Participants will...
Engage with the College & Career text
Trace the CCSS (Speaking & Listening)
Explore Academic Discourse
Learn effective ways to increase student interaction and academic responses
Now, choose one listening & speaking standard to trace across...
"Adolescent ELs must
have daily opportunities
in every subject area to
communicate using
increasingly sophisticated
social and academic English."
- K. Kinsella Dec. 2012
Language Magazine
1. Arrange classroom seating to be
conducive to structured interactions.

2. Assign & alternate appropriate partners.

3. Teach, model, provide practice &
reference expectations for productive
partnering. (the 4 Ls...)

Kinsella 2012
Strategy: Stand and Share
Everyone stands up and one at a time share what resonated with you and the implication on teaching English Learners.... if you hear an idea that is the same or similar to your own, you may sit down.
Strategy: Think, Pair, Share
Think about the standard you traced across
and share with a partner the nuances of
language and complexity of blooms.
"Academic Discourse refers to the ways of thinking and using language which exist in the academy."
Hyland, 2009
It includes both academic (tier 2) vocabulary and content (tier 3) vocabulary as well as language structures.
Academic Discourse
Content Vocabulary: Tier Three Words
Academic Vocabulary: Tier Two Words
Language Structures
ELA = Protagonist,
History = Regime,
Science = Cell, Nucleus
Math = Graph, Integer
Strategy: Sort

With a partner, or in trios, sort the words
into the following categories:

1) Academic (tier 2) Vocabulary
2) Content (tier 3) Vocabulary
LOOK at your partner
LEAN toward your partner
LOWER your voice
LISTEN attentively to
your partner
Classroom Collaboration Language
Dr. Kinsella's Academic Discussion Routine Steps...
1. Think
2. Write
3. Discuss
4. Report
Academic Response Frames
... a structured, topic-related response scaffold that elicits application of carefully targeted language forms, and provides an opportunity for students to add relevant content to demonstrate understanding of the context.
Kinsella, 2012
Academic Discussion: Demo Lesson
Academic Discussion:
Idea Tracker
Reflection: Turn & Talk

The Academic Discussion Routine supports English Learners in developing academic language proficiency by (verb+ ing: example- providing)
__________________________________________ .
Participants will...
Engage with the College & Career text
Trace the CCSS (Speaking & Listening)
Explore Academic Discourse
Learn effective ways to increase student interaction and academic responses
In conclusion...
"As we strive to implement new standards with a focus on career and college readiness, inter-disciplinary colleagues will have dual responsibilities to address complex subject matter standards while integrating opportunities for diverse learners to flex their language muscles engaging in productive academic interactions....may we convey the enthusiasm for our field of study and linguistic acumen that originally propelled us into the teaching profession."
Kinsella, Dec. 2012
Language Magazine
Sentence Frames
Sentence Starters
Response Frames
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