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OSK-Int1 Complex depression in young people

No description

chris liv

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of OSK-Int1 Complex depression in young people

Treating complex depression
in young people:

Introductory module

Prevalence and impact of depression: Brief overview
Impacts on functioning

Family and friends

Educational attainment


Associated with increased risk of suicide and suicidal behaviours

Developmental issues
Adding to the complexity
Some young people may have difficulties in

Executive functioning skills
Abstract/hypothetical reasoning
Understanding from experience
Adapting treatment to address complexities
The artistry in CBT often involves knowing how and when to best implement techniques

Prof. Arnold A. Lazarus Ph.D.
CBT is complex...
but the complexity also makes it flexible

Adapting CBT for complexities



Poor functioning

What additional information would be useful for the young person to explain the relationship between depression and

Comordidities (e.g., anxiety or substance use)
Severity of symptoms and impact on cognitive functioning
Impact of symptoms on functioning

Components of CBT

Consider and explain the impact of complexities on engaging in:

Behavioural activation
Understanding and monitoring emotions
Identifying automatic thoughts and
Working with unhelpful thinking styles

Highly prevalent

Most likely to occur before 24 years

Leading cause of disability in young people worldwide

Case management needs
Adding to the complexity
Negative life events
(e.g., family conflicts and abuse)
Adding to the complexity
Comorbidities (anxiety disorders, substance
use, personality traits/disorders)
Adding to the complexity
Severity of symptoms (anhedonia, sleep
disturbance, irritability)
Adding to the complexity
Seeking treatment after
secondary issues have occurred
Adding to the complexity
Early detection and intervention is essential
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