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Isaac Cordal

PDM Criteria A

Luke West

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal Public Swimming Pool Climate change Beach Isaac Cordal has used three concrete men facing away from the camera standing in water.
The water is to represent climate change, and having the concrete men facing away from the camera gives us the effect that they don’t care about the climate changing.
He has used dull colours in the photo such as the grey men black bricks and road. The only bright colour is this photo is the two yellow strips of paint along the side of the road. Isaac Cordal focuses on the small concrete people; he does this so we can view a different perspective on our daily lives.
He has used the white and blue paint on the road to convey a public swimming pool. He has used flotation devices on the concrete men to express that it is a swimming pool. The setting of this picture is at the beach, you can see that there is a lot of rubbish around that has been left by people. By the use of these concrete people to represents humans we are able to see what the rubbish looks like from a different perspective. Breif Information:
- Artist from Spain
- Uses cement eclipses in urban society
- Using cement eclipses since 2006
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