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Practical Career Strategies for Exploratory Students and Career Changers

Meagan Kittrick and Carly Trimboli (AOCC 2013)

Meagan Kittrick

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Practical Career Strategies for Exploratory Students and Career Changers

Career Strategies
Exploratory Students & Career Changers
Common Fears in Career Exploration and Transition
I knew what career I wanted
Choose the best answer that describes you:
I was interested in 4-6 careers
I stumbled upon this career choice
I am not sure I'm in the right career
Why is this topic important?
Students and clients are more concerned about making career decisions than ever before
Career paths may not be linear
Uncertainty and fear may be common feelings among exploratory and undecided students and clients
Who are
Experiment and Practice
Who has an interest in your
I had no idea what careers were right for me
by Meagan Kittrick, Cuyahoga County Public Library and Carly Trimboli, University of Cincinnati
Fear of Failure
Fear of Change
Fear of Success
Strategies to Engage Students and Clients
Visualizing Possibilities:
Narrative approach and storytelling (M. Savickas)
Draw or design next 3-5 years
Utilize guided visualization or meditation
Wandering maps, possible lives and experimental wanderings (K. Brooks)
Who do
you want
to be?
O'Net Career Exploration Tool
Ohio Career Info System (OCIS)
Strong Interest Inventory
self-Directed Search
Career Values Card Sort (R. Knowdell)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Strengths Finder (T. Rath)
What goals can you set to explore and grow?
Interest, Skills, Personality
and Values Exploration
Creating a learning agenda to take steps towards the visualized possibilities

Experimental Activities:
Enroll in a course or workshop
Speak with alumni or professionals in ideal careers (informational interviews)
Volunteer, job shadow or internship opportunities
Attend a student or professional organization event
Counselors Help Foster:
Curiosity and exploration
Persistence to deal with obstacles
Flexibility to address a variety of circumstances and events
Optimism to maximize benefits from unplanned events
Active exploration as opposed to getting lucky
Development of problem solving and decision making
J. Krumboltz
Personal and Professional Relationships
Identify sources of help and guidance and update them on progress
Send invitations to join your professional network on LinkedIn
Ideas for the

Create a jeopardy game based on
career related information
Have students work in pairs to complete
a virtual scavenger hunt using th OOH
"THE PARTY"- John Holland Exercise
Using local newspaper classifieds, have students identify a job, find a house and car, and then complete a budget analysis
Challenge students to find career paths related to each of their courses
Host a career night and ask alumni to talk
Ask students to create a family tree noting the history of careers in their family
Organize a job shadowing day
NCDA Poster & Poetry Contest
Career vision boards (Pinterest?)
"Mistakes are inevitable but provide opportunities for learning." J. Krumboltz
R. Boyatzis
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