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Digital Camera Presentation

No description

Darlene Sarte ♥

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Digital Camera Presentation

Digital Camera
Darlene and Jennifer

How was the digital camera used when invented? How is it used today?
The first digital camera didn't use any film to capture still images.
Today it is used to take instant pictures that you can print and share.
The purpose of the digital camera was to capture images of someone or something.
What was the purpose of Digital Cameras ?
Now some of the digital cameras are smaller,
colorful and waterproof.
What are some of the innovations of the digital camera?
Steven Sasson was the original inventor of the first digital camera and he invented it in 1975.
Who was the original inventor of the digital camera and when was it invented?
How did the digital camera impact society in a negative way?
More and more people spend to much time on the camera.And kids and teens take pictures and post them online without thinking.
Technology helped with how the image appears.
Engineering helped with all the different buttons on the digital camera and what they do.
Math figured out the different sizes and shape of the digital cameras.
Science helped by developing the black and white color.
Which of these areas of technology best classifies the digital camera?
A. Information and Communification
B.Bio-Related and Agriculture
(Manufaturing and Construction)
G.Energy and Power

G. Energy and Power
"You could see the silhoutte of her hair."
-Steve Sasson
How did the digital camera impact society in a positive way?
The first digital camera helped it with photography and digital journalist.
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