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Cross Cultural Competence


Alessandra Bonezzi

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Cross Cultural Competence

Skills for employment
There is not perhaps greatest challenge in the workplace than cultural diversity. Managers and job seekers need now to acquire new competences to work in multicultural environments

" I cultivate the passion to prepare young men and women to become responsible world’s citizens, culturally sensitive future professionals, leaders and innovators who want to make a difference through their daily life and work "
Why acquire Cross-Cultural competence?
Because intercultural relations are essential part of our daily social and professional life

Because managing cultural diversity effectively improves organizations' performance and personal achievements

Because a repertoire of cross cultural good practices is a world passport in globalized societies
What is the way to gain knowledge ?
Intercultural competence is a support for the development of employability
Intercultural competence intervenes to reduce the complexity of the process of adapting to new cultures and to increase the chances of success of individuals and organizations

Realization of the impact of culture on professional relations
Cross Cultural Competence
Alessandra Bonezzi
Résidence Eya
2070 Tunis Tunisie
Tel: +216.20373856

Gain information about the
target culture
(values, customs, people),
and understand differences and
similarities between cultures

Savoir faire

Ability to interact, communicate, negotiate effectively in multicultural contexts
“It’s the way we do things round here "
How many conflicts hide behind cultural diversities? How many misunderstandings happen while communicating between cultures?
How easy is it to adapt to an environment that is totally different from our cultural background?
Is it enough to speak multiple languages, traveling and meeting people from other cultures?

Cultural diversity can activate a multilateral dynamic thinking and thereby release a creative imagination to discover new products, markets, new ways to conclude business and to manage international projects
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