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Fungi is very important!

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Stella Bold

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Fungi is very important!

Fungi is very important!
2:Fungi is in a lot our our everyday medicine!
Fungi is also important because it's in a lot of antibiotics. Like Penicillin for example. Penicillin cures infections, which is very useful seeing as infection is fairly common. Without it there would be a lot more people in hospitals.
3: We eat fungi for food!
Fungi is in food you probably didn't even know they were in! Such as cheeses, bread (yeast), wines and beers, some cakes, and soy sauce! Yum! Bread is something we commonly use! Imagine if we didn't have bread to use!
Now some cool fungi facts!
1: Chinese use fungi to put in there medicines because it is said to promote long life.
2: Red squirrels gather and store dried fungi and eat them in the winter.
1: Fungi is one of our main decomposers!
Fungi is one of the main organisms that decompose. Without them in our ecosystem there would be dead organisms all over the place! Ew yucky!
3: They kill/eat the bad things in the environment!
Now do you see why we should be grateful for fungi? It decomposes, it's in medicine, and it's even our foods! Fungi is very useful in everyday life. I hope you see how important it is, peace out!
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