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My green house design project

english presentation

charlie wentholt

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of My green house design project

AZORES ISLANDS LANDSCAPING MY GREEN HOUSE DESIGN Azores Islands are located near of Europe, in the Atlantic Ocean. ON THE BEACH... For the beauty and also the calm and the serenity of this place, we want our house to be builded there. We want a pond behind the house
to have the possibility to relaxe. Close of the pond, we want to build a deck in wooden plank to go outside whitout shoes and stay looking at the sunset and the sunrise. BACKYARD What better of a garden to have fresh vegetables that we like. INTERIOR DESIGN HOME DESIGN A LOT OF
WINDOWS... Did you know that
sun rays can
penetrate into the
house by windows
to keep it warm?
We call that
passive energy. Also,windows make the house
more spacefull. WARM
ROCK A PLAN... GREEN CHOICES AND WOODEN PLANKS BUILDING TECHNICS SAVE OUR WATER! HEAT UP OUR HOUSES,NOT THE PLANET A GARDEN HOW TO PAINT? We chose to use a wooden floor because of his stylish To make our house more comfortable and warm, we chose colors like red, green and white. Because we appreciate natural
material, we want a rock fireplace.
Also, rock doesn't decay. We want sunlight goes everywhere in the house. We chose to add some antique furnitures to our home to make us feel more confortable We take this two floors house plan to show an open space, as we want. To have a garden is ecologic and economic:
-We don't have to add some chemicals additives
-We don't have to use packaging
-We don't have to transport the vegetables Due to the windows all around our house, the sun rays can penetrate in it, so we don't need as much electricity to heat it up, so it's better for our environnement. If we want to conserve as long as we can our wooden planks, we have to paint them. It's why we chose to use ecological painting. A study prove that, by harvesting rainwater, we save A LOT OF WATER! And, today, water is very precious. THANKS FOR LISTENING! :) Reuse wood! We think it's important to reuse our resources, so we decide to reuse the wood of our planet.
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