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Science Project...4 Topics

No description

Michelle Baria

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Project...4 Topics

Research Project Gyre (Jir) A gyre is a circular pattern of ocean currents, formed through continents rotating. Example:
gulf stream
sun Currents distribute warmth from the equator to Northern and Southern areas. Rain Shadow The rainshadow is a local dry area created by the modification of rainfall patterns by a mountain range. Example:
Sierra Nevada
The Olympics
Cool air
El Nino El Nino is the rductioin in intensity of N.E. Trade Winds that cause wind spread disruption of weather patterns Example:
Trade winds allow warm water to spread eastward accross the Pacific until it reaches the W. coast of S. America Associates:
weather disrupts creating disatourous floods
droughts and fires
warmer than normal temperature in the Pacific Ocean Named by a Peruvian fisherman in reference to baby Jesus La Nina El Nina is the interation between ocean and atmosphere. may overshoot, reversing the pattern Examples:
Global Warming Associates:
Cooler than normal water temperature in the Pacific Ocean
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