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Creation Myth

No description

Kane Veliou

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Creation Myth

Three of Mbombo's sons then said they would finish creating the world. The first to try, Nyonye Ngana, vomited white ants, but died after. To honor him, the ants went deep in the earth for dark soil to bury him and transformed the barren sands at the earth's surface. The second, Chonganda, created the first plant, which in turn gave rise to all trees, grasses and flowers. And Chedi Bumba, the third son, made the last bird, the kite Tsetse Bumba caused trouble on the earth so Mbombo chased him into the sky where he became the thunderbolt. This left people without fire, so Mbombo showed them how to make it from trees. Once the creation was complete and peaceful, Mbombo delivered it to mankind and retreated into the heavens, leaving Loko Yima to serve as "god upon the earth".
5 dot points
Mbombo also called Bumba was featured in an African creation myth
Mbombo threw up all the animals that were placed on earth.
This myth is from Kuba
Darkness and water covered the earth in the morning.
Nine creatures to create the world creatures.
Creation Myth
Mbombo (African)

Mbombo was the creator god in Kuban religion and mythology. Mbombo was a giant with a white colour.
In the beginning, Mbombo was aloneand darkness and water covered the earth. Mbombo then felt a pain in his stomach, and then he vomited the sun, moon and stars. The heat and light from the sun evoporated the water covering the earth. This created clouds and after a while hills rose from the water. Mbombo vomited again which created nine animals, the leopard, the eagle, the crocodile, the fish, the tortoise, the panther, The white heron and a goat. Mbombo also vomited many men, one of them was called Loko Yima These nine animals went on to create the worlds creatures. The heron created all flying birds except for one, the crocidile created snakes and the iguana,, the goat created all the horned animals and scarab insects. And the fish created sea creatures.
This myth shows us that we all come from the same place and that nobody is better than anyone else.
Our place in this world is to continue to admire the beauty in our world and to respect all animals like they are one of us.
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