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Maya DBQ

No description

Naomi Leeper

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Maya DBQ

Maya DBQ
The Mayans were an ancient civilization that advanced in the rain forests of Mesoamerica. They had many skills including scale, genius, effort, and significance. Of all the great Mayan achievements there were three that stood out. The Mayan achievements that stood out the most were their number scale, their calendars, and their amazing workforce.
The first of their remarkable achievements was their calender. The Long Count Calender went 5200 years into the future until December 21,2012 (Doc D). Using the Solar Calender, the Mayans could predict eclipses of the moon (Doc D). The Mayan's ability to create and utilize a calender system shows their intelligence and ability.
The Calenders
Secondly, the Mayans were the first civilization to develop a number system. They were one of the first to use the number zero because they realized that when the numbers are read right to left, the number zero is needed to show the position is empty when needed (Doc C). Furthermore, the Maya based their system off the number 20 instead of 10 (Doc C). This is important because it shows the Mayan intelligence and how they were adding to their achievements.
The Number System
Lastly, the Mayans most remarkable achievement was their work force. It was estimated that they had 80 to 130 workers employed full time (Doc B). Also, they had a central organization, people who specialized in their crafts, and political powers that watched over everyone. They were well organized and were able to build all of the structures they did (Doc B). Scientists have found more than 2500 Mayan buildings with varying size and date. That is an astounding number, especially for the equipment they had. This is important because it shows that the Mayans were a pre-industrial civilization. The Mayans had many great accomplishments and achievements, but their calenders, their number system, and their work force stood out the most.
Their Work Force
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