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Good Problems

No description

Jen Baranick

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Good Problems

Life of Copyright Map
Good Problems
Jen Baranick - vocals
Nat Waters - rhythm guitar
George Rose - bass guitar
Liam Crosbie - drums
Register with PRS
Legally, the lyrics and vocals can take up 50% however this isn't the nature of the band's vision
(30 - 20 - 16.67 -16.67 -16.67)

likely split each one up with the relevant %s and make individual agreements for specific songs
(20% each)

*will likely be one of these two ways
Register with PPL
collect on behalf of public broadcast on tv or radio and other digital media services




Who writes what?
- songs written by Jen Baranick for the band
= which are then primarily arranged by Nat Waters
= equal contribution from other bandmates thereafter

Songs written in a jam session
=equal contribution from each band-member on:

- chords
-vocal melody and lyrics
(Intellectual Property)
- the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies/performers rights - covers bought cds, music played through television, radio and being played in public places

(later down the line).
- the use of the actual lyrics and composed music - radio, cds, internet streaming, tv and live performance
signed by all band members and witness signature.

lays out each percentage for each bandmates contribution to the song

entered into PRS

entered into PPL

Nicholas O'Gorman
European Union Intellectual Property Office (period of protection)
Active band on Facebook / song uploads
demos by LIPA student would get recording and mixing credits.

- would likely make a producer agreement once they are done - could be us or someone else
likely we own them as a mutual friend does them - give some recognition as tho took them
if done professionally (paid work, hire of a company or professional) it would be a different story
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