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Essay Writing: Pre-writing and Construction

Look at Brainstorming techniques, importance of research, and thesis construction

Mr. Belson

on 13 December 2018

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Transcript of Essay Writing: Pre-writing and Construction

Professor Approved Paper
Pre-writing and Brainstorming
Preliminary Research
Establish a "Working" Thesis
Pre-Writing Skills
Bringing "you" into the paper
Find Other Points of View
Free Writing
Journalistic Questions
Thinking Outside the Box
Brainstorming Adds:
Your personal ideas and opinions
Personal examples
Related subjects
Supporting Ideas and Examples
Opposing Ideas
Recognizing Legitimate vs. Illegitimate sources
Avoid Plagiarism
Preliminary Research:
Adds a wealth of information and points of view
Write down every book or website you visit for citation purposes (more to come later)
A Thesis changes over time as more thought is put into the paper.
A direction is important and change is progress
5 Elements of a Good Thesis:
Narrows your topic to a single main idea that you want to communicate.
Asserts your claim clearly and firmly in a sentence
States not a simple fact but rather an observation or opinion
Makes a generalization that can be supported.
Stimulates reader to wonder "why"
Supporting Points
List as many as you can
More Evidence = Stronger Points
More Points = Stronger Paper
Two Visuals for Essay Construction
Constructing an Argument
Definition of "Argument":
A reasoned, logical piece of writing designed to persuade and audience to pay attention to the significant points you raise
Goal of Argument:
Beam/Patty is point, Thickness of both is evidence. Thicker is better.
Ultimately you want your reader to agree and adopt your point of view
Thesis Practice:
This paper is about drugs references in rap music.
Drug references in rap music must take a major part of the blame in drug use in young Americans.
Plessy vs. Ferguson, a Supreme Court case that supported racial segregation, was overturned in 1954 by Brown v. Board of Education.
The overturning of Plessy v. Ferguson by Brown v. Board of Education has not led to significant advances in integrated education.
Pollution is bad for the environment.
Pollution is the top threat to the destruction of ecosystems.
I think math is a dumb subject.
Mathematical skill are obsolete in today's electronic society and should be removed from the high school curriculum.
This paper will consider the advantages and disadvantages of owning a dog.
Although owning a dog requires one to be responsible, the companionship is well worth this nominal requiste.
Neutral Statement
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