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Identity empowering

No description

Heli Nurmi

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Identity empowering

Finally my identity Identity empowering in virtual context what happens to my identity
when the digital world opens?

have to find my inner viking:
- fearless, flexible identity
& make beautiful things! research helps : concepts, contextualisation which devices I am ready to learn?
- blog
my personal way to participate?
- asynchronous
institutional culture?
my personal agency? new virtual life new experiences
empowerment in action my answer =
my online identity new feedback they know my personality and my blog's personality type Thinker this artefact is one step in my empowering process:
#edcmooc digital artefact - heli nurmi 27.2.2013
The University of Edinburgh Comment to bonstewart blog post: six key selves of networked publics, May 2012 I am not a brand
I don't want to be
Influential -
why follow Klout? who knows me, really? what matters? personality tests of my blog or my web behavior
can be fun or symptoms of CONTROL,
but only playing to me sometimes I disappear on moocs but it is not real Kiitos, Linda! follow @saurau family, profession, hometown, country
Europe, global citizen
personality, lifestyle human development needs interaction
cognitive resonance emotional resonance matters do I want to receive this all? my blog matters!
real life there the mutual appreciation of co-learners empowers networks matter inspiring materials tusen tak, Amy B. thanks to all my co-learners for support in #edcmooc,
this has been an wonderful journey, miss you already!
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