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World Explorers Project

Roald Amundsen

Angelina Xiong (:

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of World Explorers Project

By: Angelina Xiong(: World Explorer Project Polar Expolorer Roald Amundsen Roald Amundsen wan born on July 16, 1872 Date Of Birth And Death,
Name Of Explorer Roald Amundsen died on June 22,1928 He Died On Age 55 Pictures :) Photo's Of The Explorer Roald country was Oslo, in Norway Explorer's Country He explorer beacuse when he was a teenager he heard about John Franklin he was a explorer, so Roald that he would be a explorer himself Why Did He Explore? Explorer's Patron
Or Sponsoring The country that was sponsoring him was is own country that he lived in. He was forced to stay untill the ice melted a little His mom wanted him to be a doctor His mom and dad died when he was 14 and 21 Roald he stopped studying about medicine and started to prepare for his trip to the artic What Were Some Of The Obstacles (problems) Encountered? On there trip it was really cold and they didnt have alot of stuff to keep there bodies warm There boat was caught on ice He was the first person to go to the North and South Pole He reach South Pole in December 14,1911 He Reach North Pole in May 11, 1926 He was the first person in the world to sail to the Northeast and Northwest passasge, from Atlantic to the Pacific Positive Out Comes Of His Exploration Outcomes Of His Exploration (accomplishments) -Positive And Negative Negative They had food No one died The weather was very cold Map Of Where Roald Traveled Roald died because of a plane crash in the summer of 1928 Other Facts He died from trying to rescue his friend Noblie, who was lost in the Artic He never found his friend Roald disappered on june 18, 1928
They finally knew that he died on the 22 of June
His body was never found and he died at age 55. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/a/amundsen.shtml Reference Thank You (; 2nd Block :) North Pole South Pole Polor Explorer :)
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