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Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers are one of many types of engineers. They are in charge of making new and improved electronics.

Matthew Daigle

on 4 October 2010

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Transcript of Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer First off, What do electrical engineers do? Electrical Engineers are the creators and testers of most electronics, including game consoles, cars, wiring in buildings, and almost anything they can do as an electronic engineer that might benifit mankind. Ok, but how much does being an electrical engineer pay? As you can see, I framed the electrical engineer's average salary. Compared by the survey, It is the third highest pay salary of a few types of engineers. Say I wanted to be an "Electrical Engineer", what kind of education would I require to be one? Education Like almost all other engineering jobs, You need a College Degree for Engineering. It is also almost impossible to get into Engineering school without good grades in Math and Science. Is there any levels of creativity, curiosity, ect. required? Levels of creativity and curiosity are not required, but it is highly advised that you are creative and curious about how things work. Traits: Curiosity and Creativity Is there a specific company that electrical
engineers work for? No. There are many different places electrical engineers work. There is no specific place, just a specific area in engineering they can work in. Are there any dangers in being an electrical engineer? There are not too many dangers in being an electrical engineer, but the main possible danger is the electricity, if you dont follow precautions, you can get shocked or burned by a wire. Also if you dont be careful, a wire may spark and would have a chance to start a fire, So just make sure you follow precautions. Famous Electrical Engineers Jack Kilby: Integrated Circuit, Handheld Calculator

Thomas Edison: Lightbulb, ect. Is that all? Yes. That is the end. Thanks for Watching!
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