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A Design Principle

Nicole Hohn

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Contrast

Contrast in art is when there is a difference
between two different elements. The greater the difference, the greater the contrast. Contrast adds variety and visual interest to an artwork. What is Contrast ? a design principle for awesome art! It could be through colour.... It could be through line..... It could be through line..... It could be through shape..... Most designs need contrast. However, too much of the same becomes boring and bland. On the other hand, too much contrast becomes confusing. However, silhouettes are a perfect example of contrast.
Pilobolus dance group. When viewing a painting you may compare light to dark areas, wide lines and thin lines, light weight forms and heavy weight forms, filled spaces and unfilled spaces. The key to working with contrast is to make sure the differences are obvious. Sue Webster and Tim Noble Chagall . http://www.bluemoonwebdesign.com/art-lessons-6.asp Rebekka Ivacson Silhouettes and shadows of a junky kind
by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, UK. A collaborative Mural painting.
Foothead, Max Berry, Ears and DryPnz.
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