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Senior Exit Project Overview

An introduction to the Senior Exit process and requirements for students and parents

Chrystal Wilkeson

on 8 August 2011

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Transcript of Senior Exit Project Overview

New Prairie High School Senior Exit Project Paper Presentation Portfolio Product Topic/Product Proposal Required
Letter of Intent
Sign of Commitment
Research based
Secondary Sources
Primary Sources: 2 Personal Interviews
2 Written Interview Reports
MLA Format and Source Documentation
33% of Quarter 2 grade Senior Exit Advisory Boards 1 2 3 4 Teachers, administrators, parents, local business owners
During English class
Submit Letter of Intent
Present project topic and product idea
Answer questions
Listen to feedback
Must receive approval before moving forward Must be an outgrowth of the research topic
Must be student designed and completed by student
Must demonstrate the synthesis and application of knowledge acquired through research
Must be physical, written, performance, teaching or leadership, career-related, or service oriented
33% of Quarter 4 grade Senior Exit Mentor Must be at least 21 years old
May NOT be a family member
Must be an expert or professional in a field related to research topic
Must spend a minimum of 10 hours with student
Mentor Agreement Form
Mentor Log Form
Mentor Evaluation Student Handbook Binder becomes the Portfolio
Follow the Portfolio Contents Checklist
Letter to the Judges
Additional Artifacts
Research Source Material
33% of Quarter 4 grade 5-7 minute presentation
5-7 minute question/answer
REHEARSE (some rehearsal during class time)
Dress professionally and be polite
Be prepared and ON TIME
Provide a visual aid that ENHANCES the presentation
Content AND presentation skills will be evaluated
A or F
Semester 2 Final Exam grade Senior Exit Final Boards May 9-10, 2012
After school; arrange to take both afternoons off work
2-5 judges on each panel
Teachers, parents, administrators, local business leaders
Introduce yourself to the judges and shake hands
Make eye contact with every judge
Be mindful of the time limits
Thank the judges and shake hands when you finish Paper Product Portfolio Presentation Matt Presley

Cortny Barnes
574.654.0265 REQUIRED TO PRESENT Spring Symposium The week after Boards
Chosen by Judges of Boards
All Mentors, Parents, Students invited
Reception held afterwards /Combined with Product Grade REQUIRED TO PRESENT /Combined with Portfolio Grade REQUIRED TO PRESENT
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