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Cindy Paola Rojas Muñoz

on 30 March 2014

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What is Rambutan?

The Rambutan is an oldest fruit which is originary from Malasia and Tailand.

This fruit arrived to America's continent when some Asian people travelled around world an d came to America.

For a long time Rambutan has been used as a medical plant.

Where can we find this fruit?
Actually in Latin America this fruit is cultivated in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama in a lot of big crops thanks to the appropiate climate tropical of each country.
Rambutan has a lot of benefits that really are not recognized in our country.

Apports tho the body vitamins, minerals and more components in orther to be healthy
The fruit has been used for hundreds years as a treatment for diabetes, hypertension and various ailments.
At the Chiang Mai University in Thailand was studied rambutan's pulp, and they discovered that the seed, skin and stem have antioxidants called flavonoids; which are believed to reduce cholesterol and possess anti-cancerous, and anti-inflammatory attributes.
Other organic compound contained in the skin's fruit is Gallic acid and it helps to reduce oxidation process in our body and is a strong aid in the battle against cancer.
Comparing this fruit with other exotic fruits, rambutan skin extract may be promoted as a supplement product for health.
Importing process is going to involve a lot of steps. First we are going to sign some trades with countries as Ecuador and Costa Rica in order to minimize importing costs, in relation of the middle of transportation, we’re going to bring the fruit by plane with Avianca, signing some agreements ensuring the goods, and receiving directly in the airport and then customs agency contraced by us continues the nationalization process and then the distribution around Colombia.

This product can grow in warm climates throughout the year's harvest, and the best for us is that Colombia has the appropriate climate for growing and enter it in Colombia's market producting Rambutan and reducing the necesity of import it. This process is going to be supported by agricultural engineers looking for new cultivation techniques.

Marketing and Publicity
The company Mamon Chino Ltda is going to commercialize it in markets principally, then in all principal marketplaces and little shops as the fruit complete and in a way of canned fruit because our customers need the best.

These are 2 purposes of publicity in order to make an official launch in the market.

We made a survey to 50 persons and we get as conclusions:
More than 90% interviewees don´t know anything about this fruit.
All people would like to taste the fruit but were agreed the fruit shouldn't be very expensive.
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