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super cool space tools

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on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of super cool space tools

computers and other very important tool are used to right programs which control spacecraft and telescopes.
Rovers and Probes
Rockets and Space Shuttles
Rockets and Space Shuttles are also used to send telescopes and other instruments above our atmosphere and into space. Any type of light can be studied. the space shuttle has cared astronauts and scientists into space and it is used to repair and add new instruments to orbiting telescopes. the biggest space tool is the international space station which orbits the earth every 92 minutes! it is a space laboratory where astronauts and scientists can learn more about living in space and zero gravity.
what is space exploration and why is it important to astronomy
along time ago people look up at the night sky and thought about the sars , astroeds, and comets that light up the night sky this is what space exploration is.
super cool space tools
Linda Hermans-Killam
super cool space tools by Micah smith
space tools
A man named Galileo was the first person to use one of these cool space tools it was called a telescope. A telescope is a tool that allows you to see stuff far away up close. larger and more powerful telescopes were made a long time after galileo's life
Rovers are another cool space tool. one of these rovers were driven by astronauts on the moon it was called the lunar rover. It allowed theme to explore the moons surface. robots called probes landed on mars and allowed scientists to get close up views of martian rocks.
computers and other very important tools
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