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Ender's Game- Fairyland

No description

Victoria Crump

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Ender's Game- Fairyland

The Well ("Drink, Traveler.")
River of Acid
Cliff Overlooking Terrain
In Fairyland, Ender tossed his enemy, a wolf, into a river of acid and watched t sizzle. Ender's ran into a lot of enemies, and he probably wants to throw them into an acid river as well. The acid river represents how he has many problems and enemies, but he can face them if he wants to.
Ender feels somewhat stranded. He does not have that many friends, and sometimes he is pushed around. The cliff shows this stranded feeling, because if you were on a cliff, you wouldn't be able to go forward anymore. Sometimes he just feels stuck.
Cavern with Jewels, Food, Exotic Animals, etc.
Playground and Wolves
The playground (in the background) was supposed to show how Ender is slowly losing his youth- he is training like an adult, and doesn't really have any time to be a kid. The proof behind this is demonstrated when he suddenly would fall through a piece of equipment, like losing his placement on the monkeybars. It is like showing that he is too old to do any of those fun things that a normal kid would do.

The wolves, which were originally the other kids that were at the playground with Ender, suddenly jumped out of the trees and bushes to attack Ender. Since they were supposedly regular kids (the wolves had their faces), it is showing how even if someone doesn't seem that harmless, they could quickly turn against you. Ender is worried about making allies, friends, and enemies, which is probably why.
The giant is described as a giant and empty corpse,
symbolizing how Ender
feels he is slowly rotting
and dying on the inside, for he feels he is a murderer, which is tearing him up.
Ender's Game- Fairyland
The well is signifying thirst, as in temptation. The well is tempting him to drink, and the book even says that Ender was tempted to. Also, the well was tempting
him to come forward so the wolves could come attack him- just like how if he's tempted
to do something bad, he'll just be lead into despair, feeling even worse than he already was.
Ender did not particularly want any of the things displayed in the cavern. In a way, the items can act as temptations and certain wants which Ender is not giving into. He did not even want to play with the exotic creature. It signifies how he wanted to push on through, and explore his own way and not just stop because there was something there he wanted. It was showing how there may be temptations in his life, but he must blaze a path to be successful.
Castle and Serpent
The cloud represents salvation, because it saved him from falling. The friends Ender does have have saved him from being lonely, and have taught him things as well.
At one point, Ender is dumped into a castle, which seemingly has no escape. Sometimes, Ender feels as if he cannot escape this lie of living as an adult and having to train as one. The serpent said to him, "The only escape is death", meaning there was, in fact, no way out of the castle.
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